AEW launching tournament for the TNT Championship

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On Monday’s release of ‘Road to Dynamite’, AEW announced a tournament will begin next week for its new TNT Championship.

The eight-man single-elimination tournament will begin on Wednesday, April 8th and the finals are being advertised for Double or Nothing on Saturday, May 23rd.

The first half of the bracket will be revealed Tuesday night on AEW and the second half on this week’s edition of Dynamite.

It will be the fourth championship in the promotion joining the AEW title, the AEW women’s championship, and the AEW tag titles.

AEW President Tony Khan gave the following statement in the press release to announce the championship and tournament:

It’s been a privilege working with Kevin Reilly and TNT to bring fans the best live wrestling show week after week on AEW: DYNAMITE, especially during these tumultuous times. I’m glad we’re now able to announce the TNT CHAMPIONSHIP. The first ever titleholder will be determined by an unforgettable tournament that fans will not want to miss, and that our wrestlers will be desperate to win. I’m excited for the announcement of the full bracket live on Dynamite this week. And, it’s only fitting that the champion and the title belt will carry the logo of the globally-respected TNT brand, and that they’ll represent not only AEW but also the great quality programming, massive reach, and storied history in the wrestling business that are all associated with TNT.

I fucking hate this and think it’s one of their dumbest moves. I like the idea of another title for midcard to upper midcard, but just call it the fucking TV Title. What if they change networks down the road? The belt is gonna keep changing names?

Yeah it’s a pretty silly name really. I’m not sure it’s required yet but they have an obscenely big roster so it not like it won’t have a purpose.

I think with the Dynamite show name it works fine (assuming it is like the TV title). I just wish there were (mad maybe there will be) some stipulations around who can hold it or compete for it. We don’t need the WWE style midcard belt where it is something top guys hold when they have nothing else to do.

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I believe John suggested before, that Cody should be the first champion, while he is unable to compete for the main title. I dont think this would be too bad.

I don’t love the name, but if it’s kept on a guy either at or just below the main event level, it could be a legitimate draw for main events on Dynamite.

I hope they can make the title as important as the Intercontinental WWF title in the early and mid 90s.

The intercontinental title used to be amazing when it was basically the title for the best of the pool of wrestlers on the cusp of the main event.
I don’t think someone should win the world title before they have won the intercontinental title or equivalent. That’s how it used to work. A strong US title or intercontinental title run shows you’re ready for the main event.
That’s how it worked for Bret, the Ultimate Warrior, Jericho, Eddie etc. etc.
I think the WWE lost the purpose of this kind of title a long time ago when all the belts became revolving hot potatoes.
In future, I think this title could be used to further elevate someone like Sammy G or Darby, but agree that Codey would be a great first champion.