AEW Needs WWE defectors

One more thing I wanted to add is that I think its more likely someone defects and goes to WWE! While there are lots of stories about people being unhappy in WWE right now and have asked for their release it is clear they aren’t getting them.

In contrast, we have no clue how long AEW contracts are. With the position WWE is taking of offering supposedly massive deals to anyone (a mistake WCW once made) how long is it before someone takes one of their seven figure offers? Does Pac go back to WWE for that kind of money? Or Britt Baker go to NXT? Or Jericho shows up on Raw after signing a Brock Lesnar type contract!

I think it depends on how “full time” you want to be. Someone like Baker who has another job probably doesn’t want the WWE schedule. That said if you want to be a full time wrestler and don’t have a back stage job my impression is that WWE pays better right now.

They pay better for sure. The only question is would you take a lot of money and then let yourself get filmed shaving in a shower or would you take a little less and wrestle? Go!

Not only that, you rot in NXT for a while or maybe forever, and make who knows how much?

It depends on how much less. In some cases yes, but if I was say a 205 live level guy, and I make more in WWE and was only going to be on AEW TV once a month or something it might be tricky.

Probably similar to what you make in AEW at this point with less travel, get national TV exposure, and it isn’t like every AEW talent is being used weekly.

Interesting. And which company has record profits? Which company just signed their developmental show to a TV deal? You’d think they could maybe afford to pay a bit more…nah.

They also have a way larger roster…and why pay above market rate?

True. The McMahons need more money, goddamnit.

To embarrass the competition! To be vindictive and spiteful. To take any AEW semi-main eventer and have them job to Seth Rollins is worth a million dollars to Vince.

This is exactly the kind of thing WCW would do 20 years ago and nowadays WWE is making all the exact same mistakes. It’s incredible that they have a whole show dedicated to how they “won” the Monday Night Wars and haven’t learned a single thing from it.

I’m not saying they won’t pay more than other places, but they aren’t going to go to say Sunny Kiss and offer him $1.2 million for a contract.

I also have no idea what AEW is paying its guys to compare to WWE, but WWE has paid a lot of people more than they stand to make anywhere else it is why they have so much talent under contract.

How many times can you tell the “WWE misused me, I’m a wrestler, not a sports-entertainer” story? Even WWE tells that story about its own guys too often.

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Maybe the return of the kiss my ass club?

I know I would mark out if they went to Oklahoma and he made JR join again? If he pays JR a bunch I’m sure he would do it

Or even having Jericho join before being mauled by lesnar? Neville joining before going back to 205?

Or the best - having Tye plant a perfect 10 kisses??

There are so many possibilities if Vince opens his wallet for this

The last thing I want from AEW is to see more WWE talent show up.

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They will come and you will like it.

Nah man you sound like a fan who needs the legitimacy of Vince McMahon.
I’ll take SCU over AOP
I’ll take Private Party over Street Profits
I’ll take Orange Cassidy over No Way Jose
I’ll take Omega over Reigns

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I hear you, but disagree.
I am early on the Bigger name WWE defections. I think it’s awesome AEW has 1 million + viewers right away! I think they will grow that number over time.
I just feel if they could get 2 bigger names defectors that number would go up more quickly. The causal WWE fan would tune in more if they had a couple more names.
If they go out and get more NJPW guys, Indy guys they are not building their roster with enough name recognition balance IMO.
The AEW guys can still get pushed with more WWE guys. I am not talking like WCW now or ever.

SCU over AOP nah
PP over SP yes
:tangerine: over No Way Jose time limit draw
Omega over Reigns Yes

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Orange Cassidy is a waste of life. He is the reason people like Cornette hate on AEW

Which big name defectors do you mean?

No one making that kind of money is leaving WWE. If AJ didn’t leave or Bruan didn’t leave what makes you think Rollins or Becky or Roman are leaving?

I think Orange is OK in his current role as essentially a valet for the Best friends. I just don’t want him in his own matches with guys selling for those super kicks. Having the Bucks give him an “are you kidding” look and kicking his head off was fine. The hands in pockets dives are ok. I’m not sure he adds much, but right now he isn’t hurting things in a major way either.

As to big name defectors I cannot think of any happening soon due to contracts, but I could see people like Sasha leaving at the end of her 5 year deal (assuming AEW is still around and doing well), or possibly some to the tag teams (though they aren’t huge in WWE) like the Revival, War/Viking Raiders, or top NXT guys like Undisputed Era if they perceive NXT as the top they are going to get, if AEW is better.

But no Roman, Seth, and Becky aren’t going anywhere AEW has really nothing to offer those talents.