AEW Rally livestream


MJF killing it right now


MJF was awesome. Love that they got him and Janella.


Adam Page forgetting he has a corporate boss in the Khan’s


And PAC forgetting his street clothes


That appears to be Chris Jericho


Wow wow wow a wild Chris Jericho appeared.

So is the show not happening in Jacksonville then?


2nd show is in Jacksonville.


OH got it. They announced 2 separate shows! How exciting


That logo is horrible.


I don’t think it went well to be honest. The crowd was poor, and the performers (as great as they usually are), weren’t particularly entertaining. PAC v page will be a great match though, and Jericho is a strong addition.

Really hope it works out.


They must have given Jericho a boatload of money to get him to against is word of not wrestling for anybody outside WWE in the u.s. Anyway with the current landscape of the wrestling world, they really should consider forming a alliance with other big indy feds and try to have some sort of talent trade between them, ROH, MLW and NJPW instead of fighting against each other. This is a interesting year for those who love having a alternative to WWE.


Great signings but I’m still very skeptical because no announcement of a TV, streaming or any kind of distribution deal yet. If we don’t hear any announcement by May, then I would very concerned.


I disagree. I thought MJF, Joey Janela, Jericho & Hangman were all great. PAC was kinda odd being in his ring gear and being onstage for a short time. I think the Bucks & Cody were their usual selves.

As for the crowd, I think they just werent mic’d up and thats why it didnt come off as good.


Fair, but considering the size of the crowd, I’d say less than 1’000, I thought the whole thing was a little cringey.


The cringiest moment for me, was that firework display after Jericho spoke. It went on way too long and seemed like they were trying too hard.


Idk what people expected but I thought a great first impression.

The crowd seemed decent for an event in a parking lot. They didn’t spare expenses even if it looked like they were trying too hard. Production value is tough and for a first try, they didn’t look to take shortcuts. Conrad’s investmemt is great, he’s so smart and a good guy to have in the fold.

Consider the roster already:
Cody, Bucks, Hangman
Joey Janella

If they can bring in Kenny (and one would think Ibushi comes with him).

Maybe Pentagon and Rey Fenix

Assume Joey Ryan comes in.

That’s already better than ROH’s roster tbh

There was never going to be TV announcement. It’s a good core. I’m more enthusiastic than put off by it so I count it as a win


I could see Kenny showing up when his contract his up.

But I doubt Pentagon, fenix, ibushi and Ryan would come unless they give them a boatload of money to quit touring the Indies. Especially Pentagon and fenix since they seem to like to be everywhere and it would take a lot to keep them exclusive to aew.


They signed Chris Jericho. You don’t think they’ll pay up?
Plus those guys may get deals equal to what they make for less dates - see Bandido -
If they let Joey Ryan run Bar Wrestling and certain indies (super curious what this means for Game Changer w/ Janella)


Decent first event and looking forward to what they have in the future


I’m so fucking happy they got Joey Janela and MJF. Those guys are gonna be stars in AEW.