AEW Rampage Results: An Incredible Main Event, The Von Erichs Victorious

Originally published at AEW Rampage Results: An Incredible Main Event, The Von Erichs Victorious

December 15, 2023

College Park Center – Arlington, TX

By: John Kleinchester


The Von Erichs and The Curse of Danhausen

Rampage “Winter is Coming” kicked off with Orange Cassidy (with Danhausen) and The Von Erichs taking on Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, and Jake Hager. The Von Erichs’ entrance music was the song “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent and Marshall Von Erich was barefoot a la his father Kevin who was not with them at ringside. Menard kept yelling at Marshall asking where his boots were and meanwhile, on the outside, Danhausen was sporting Jake Hager’s old purple hat. 

The faces picked up the win after a roll-up by Marshall on Parker. After the match, the heels started beating down the faces when Dnahausen got in the ring and attempted to curse Jake Hager. Menard & Parker grabbed Danhausen and Hager was about to retrieve his hat when “Stranglehold” played again and Kevin Von Erich came out distracting the heels and allowing the Von Erich Family to apply The Iron Claw to the heel trio. Orange Cassidy bestowed his aviator sunglasses onto Kevin Von Erich as the crowd chanted “Von Erich”.

Wrestling Legend #KevinVonErich is out here to even the score!

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) December 16, 2023

Mark Briscoe & Jay Lethal

Footage from after Dynamite this week was shown where Mark Briscoe was asked about his Continental Classic loss. Jay Lethal and company wandered in and they noted that they were facing each other next week but didn’t have anything to fight for. Jay Lethal suggested they fight for “honor” and Mark agreed.

After their #AEWContinentalClassic matches on #AEWDynamite, Mark Briscoe @SussexCoChicken and @TheLethalJay agree to make their last week in the tournament one for the world to remember. Don't miss #AEWDynamite LIVE from Oklahoma THIS WEDNESDAY 8/7c on TBS!

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) December 16, 2023

Fletcher & Hobbs

Kyle Fletcher and Powerhouse Hobbs dominated Hunter Grey and Paul Titan, winning in 45 seconds. Chris Jericho was on commentary tonight and noted that Tony Khan warned him that he couldn’t get involved otherwise he would lose his and Kenny Omega’s tag team title shot at Worlds End. Slightly awkward here was that earlier today on Twitter, Kenny Omega posted that he was out “indefinitely” and seemingly would not be wrestling at Worlds End or possibly anytime soon. 

I can’t really sugar coat this. I’m out indefinitely. I tried to keep pushing past the pain for as long as I could until it became too much. Luckily doctors caught me when they did. I’ll be here so in the mean time, please enjoy wrestling!

— Kenny Omega (@KennyOmegamanX) December 15, 2023

Don Callis got on the mic and said that their tag team had won their matches faster than anyone else in the company. Callis said that fear of Hobbs & Fletcher brought Omega and Jericho together. Callis then said that there would now be “The Don Callis Family Rules” in play and any two members of his family could face The Golden Jets at any time.

Don Callis institutes a new strategy in the fight against #TheGoldenJets

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The Don Callis Family | @KyleFletcherPro | @TrueWillieHobbs

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) December 16, 2023

Outcasts Unraveling

Ruby Soho was upset she lost and admitted she was distracted. Saraya came in and said she needed her. Ruby then said that Saraya should attempt to beat Riho herself.  

Ruby Soho shares her thoughts on her match with Riho, but Saraya has a message of her own.

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) December 16, 2023

Anna Jay vs. Red Velvet

Anna Jay was out next to face Red Velvet as the announcers pointed out that no former JAS members were accompanying her. That said, Matt Menard came down to the ring attempting to distract Velvet but got knocked off the ring apron for his troubles. This distracted Velvet anyway and allowed Anna to apply the Queenslayer for the victory. The announcers tried to explain that Jay “overcame” Menard being there but that’s not how it was portrayed. 

What's Daddy Magic doing out here?!

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) December 16, 2023

An Incredible Main Event

Rampage’s main event was Top Flight & Action Andretti taking on Penta El Zero Miedo, Komander, and El Hijo del Vikingo. Strangely as the match began, a bell was never audibly rung but assuming this was just an editing mistake. If there was any speculation that Dante Martin would slow down his high-flying style after his awful injury, this match silenced that idea. This match is must see and a late entry for Match of the Year contender. Top Flight & Action Andretti won in the end and Excalibur said that Trios Champions The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass should take note of these potential challengers. The show ended with all six men shaking hands and embracing.

Vikingo and Action Andretti go move for move in our exciting Main Event!

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) December 16, 2023

“Three Stages of Flying right there!”

Watch #AEWRampage: Winter is Coming on TNT!@PENTAELZEROM | @KomandercrMX | @Vikingo_AAA | @lucha_angel1 | @DariusMartin612 | @ActionAndretti

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) December 16, 2023

Clips of the match don’t do it justice, go watch the full match. Or better yet, show this match to friends who have never watched wrestling before. 


AEW Rampage Results:

  • Orange Cassidy & The Von Erichs over Matt Menard, Angelo Parker & Jake Hager in 7:35
  • Kyle Fletcher & Powerhouse Hobbs over Hunter Grey & Paul Titan in :45
  • Anna Jay over Red Velvet in 8:34
  • Top Flight & Action Andretti over Penta El Zero Miedo, Komander & El Hijo del Vikingo in 16:08