AEW Rampage & WWE SmackDown POST Show | RASD 5/6/22

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Wai Ting & Kate from MTL review an early AEW Rampage featuring the reveal of the women’s brackets for the Owen Tournament, and the Backlash go-home WWE SmackDown featuring the final chapter of Lacey Evans’ story.

Plus, your calls and POST Wrestling Forum feedback.

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Thank you Kate. You said exactly what i think about Drew Gulak.

Yo @katred thanks for making that point re: Lacey Evans. I was having similar thoughts, like… if WWE is going to specifically target their show toward Gen Z and younger demographics, shouldn’t they at least have some sort of “trigger warning” thing when they are gonna start talking about topics like suicide and family trauma? I thought it was really off-putting to hear these sorts of stories on a freaking “sports entertainment” program.

Also from an advertising perspective, are the sponsors cool with having their brands attached to these sorts of stories? I know on YouTube a lot of content creators are very careful to say things like “R-word” or “S.A.” instead of potentially more-troubling terminology that can lead to losing monetization on their videos. Maybe Snickers doesn’t care.

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You raise a really good point about advertisers and, yeah, I’m pretty sure that YouTube is very tough on any mention of suicide, at least.

Weird thing I noticed on the PPV tonight: there was a banner ad for a betting site that included a reference to getting help for gambling addiction. Pretty sure that’s at the insistence of the advertiser, though.