AEW really needs to stop this stuff

Yes I know for those that are following you can say you can turn this into an angle with Sammy and Andrade but it just comes across as stupid. You don’t need to be making comments like you can’t get over which basically implies that he’s not good, and saying you want to goto WWE when you have members of your roster out there publically saying they want to leave already.

It just comes across very minor league. I don’t understand why Tony can’t control these guys and saw if they want to go after each other on Twitter keep it like WWE does and make it storyline based.

don’t take personal attacks and then say stuff like you can’t get over you just want to go to WWE because nobody cares about you. It just makes the company seem small time.

Like you wouldn’t see for instance Seth Rollins attack riddle that you can’t get over why don’t you go to AEW. Attacking his marriage and stuff to make it more reality-based is great, but pointing out that somebody isn’t a big star and they really just want to go to the other bigger company when it’s already a known issue not really helping

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Guevara just needs to go away for six months. Beyond stale and has really regressed this year


The one “pillar” who would absolutely not be missed if he disappeared.

The frustrating thing is that when he is good, he’s great. At his worst, he’s pushing that “X-Pac” heat.

“Good hand” works with Moxley, Jericho, Cody, Omega, etc. and thinks he’s the reason that people bought tickets. Tale as old as time in the wrestling business.

Yeah Sammy just needs to take a break. I’m not a fan and he seems to piss a lot of people off. Why do you hate this stuff so much @Alex_Patel? This is what happens with social media. I just ignore it all its insignificant IMO




Sammy needs to be shown the door. Problem child since day one. His and Tays destiny is Del Rio and Paige. Hate to say it but it’s going to go down that way. He’s an immature unprofessional self entitled mark for his vLog and was a relative nobody before All Elite.

Maybe I’m just too old and old school but I don’t like this kind of stuff. I love it when a rivalry seems more realistic, but I don’t like taking shots like this.

To me a sports organization would be a similar comparison. You wouldn’t see after a bad game the quarterback going on Twitter and saying we would’ve won that game if doofus could’ve caught a ball. In the world of wrestling, it’s one thing to have big rivalries ans inject some realism to get people to watch. It’s another to go on there and basically imply that your colleague is not a good wrestler, that the audience doesn’t care about him and that he really just wants to go to the competition - which you know full well has been an issue for your company lately. Especially when they aren’t even feuding.

On a broader scope- we know there’s a perception out there that the inmates run the asylum at AEW. We saw this in full force and it’s a clear criticism that I think most fans boo Tony over now because they want him to take control and assert some degree of dominance as an authority figure over these guys. No one wants to see guys just doing whatever they want.

Stuff like this just seems to reinforce the view that it’s the wild west and I’m not sure most of us want to follow a company where people can just do whatever they want without any true boss at the helm.


The “real world” stuff is so dumb to me when you know the endgame is going to be a fake fight. Not the Riddle/Rollins stuff or the 2011 Punk pipe bomb and the like, which is just agreed upon pro wrestling bullshit. But when it’s guys actually shooting on each other, it’s the same conversation as Punk vs. the World or when Riddle took shots at Goldberg (and also Reigns at some point?) on Twitter. I don’t care who would win a legit fight, because your job is to cooperate and put on a performance with a predetermined outcome. All you do when you try to go “extra real” is bury your colleagues by making their program look “extra fake”.


Jesus. If this is true that’s crazy. Tony couldn’t see this coming after their Twitter war and kept them apart or warned them not to do this ?

This company really makes it hard to root for them
sometimes. Seems like a two bit operation with a spineless stoner at the helm. Come on this should have nipped in the bud before they got to the arena. They literally were saying they were going to throw down on Twitter hours before this

Totally bush league. Punk was right, he works with children.


You know it’s bad when Dave takes a shot at Tony

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If you consolidate the balance of power backstage at a single desk, I’d hate to sound like ‘that guy,’ but the person at that desk should be someone that everyone respects and worries about the consequences they face should they cross lines like this.

Tony Khan has a lot of money and loves wrestling… That doesn’t make him a respected leader by the people on his roster.

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AEW can’t shake their shitshow.

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I feel Tony needs to do something to show people he won’t tolerate this crap. Just release all involved and then let the locker room know that this shit will not be tolerated any longer. The vibe in the locker room is probably that you can do whatever you want in AEW, reminds me of WCW. Inmates running the asylum. Its too bad, its a great product but nobody cares right now.

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Very interesting if what is being spoken about by Dave and Bryan is true. A clear case of WWE meddling leading to unrest and the first example of somebody trying to get fired.

I strongly dislike Sammy’s bullshit for a while now and find him to have ultra go-away heat with Tay. That said, immediately when TMZ was involved in breaking this, you know Andrade and his camp informed TMZ to create the fervor. I’d bet all my WWE stock on that. Classic sabotage. Tell me when my drawling conclusions jumps the shark:

  • Andrade wants to be fired
  • gave an interview where he said things about a young hot head in the locker room who recently had issues backstage
  • went looking for trouble Wednesday
  • got the trouble he sought and caused chaos by leaking to TMZs of the world
  • and now is a cancer who needs to be fired (what he wanted in the first place)

Punk was right about a lot of things, some of these people are absolute children. They don’t deserve the opportunity given to them. Some lucked into it, some benefited from an arms race, some are great roster fillers but shouldn’t be as entitled as they are (what did Sammy ever do before All Elite Wrestling, I didn’t even know who he was til he showed up on BTE). Because they are great talents doesn’t make them great professionals.

My question at this point is when does AEW decide it wants to be a a place of Professional Work, and not a place for Wrestlers to do whatever the fck they want. There is a distinction. If I’m a Top Level Media Exec looking at their TV rights, I’m starting to wonder why they get as much attention from their core audience for off-screen stuff as on-screen. And why they keep setting up runs for Major Stars that get pulled, or advertise matches on my network that get scrapped - because of amateurs backstage and in control backstage (i.e. Talent Management, EVPs, and TK himself).


Yeah I saw that too. Sounds like they did try to head this off but clearly didn’t do enough. Hopefully they learn from this that talents who take their beefs to Twitter like this should immediately be suspended as opposed to allow this to happen as even if you try and stop a physical confrontation emotions can take over.

If there really are people this unhappy that are willing to just start fight I think they should just make a one time offer to release anyone who’s unhappy right now, but after for that no more releases

The other thing is when you look at Sammy’s character, and the fact that he has had a fight with Eddie Kingston, this fight, and the whole Sasha Banks incident, along with dumping his fiancé after proposing on air for Tay (even though that’s his business) it comes across unlikeable. He’s going to start getting into X-Pac heat territory if he isn’t there already

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