AEW releases several talents

Maybe he needs his dad to put a salary cap on his wrestling company.

I don’t think it’s just a money thing. I believe he has these guys and he was probably never going to use them and they have no value to WWE.

You could argue Hardy’s and Hagar could goto WWE

I think the Hardys definitely would/will end up in WWE. Hagar might if HHH likes him, but I don’t think he has much value.

Also, if the Hardys were to end up leaving AEW without ever sharing a ring with Copeland and Christian, that’s an example of “AEW not being in the money making business”. I don’t even personally care to see either Hardy wrestle ever again, but I’d tune in to see that.

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I don’t think WWE would have any interest in those guys. Black and Miro - sure.

But again, just honour the contracts you have instead of getting excited and signing everyone you like with no plans.

I didn’t bring it up…I was replying to others saying it was the same as the WWE and i was pointing out it isn’t in my opinion.

I’ve never read the stuff about Tony saying he’ll never cut anyone so if he did then fair enough. That was a really stupid thing to say though so I wouldnt have believed it if I had read that.

I think most people do that on this board, some more than others but there’s only a small number who blindly follow either.

I just think cutting someone the day after announcing massive earnings kinda stinks and also cutting people who are in the middle of a push never made sense. Probably Vince spinning a wheel in his office or throwing darts at a board but I think it is slightly different scenarios.

I don’t mind WWE cutting talent, I expect it. It’s shit but it happens in all business. I just thought you saying you couldn’t wait for the response of some was just asking for a tribal debate to start that’s all

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But they’ve never cut anyone until yesterday so why wouldn’t you believe it? Almost five years of honouring contracts and then just decided to stop after saying WWE was evil for doing so.

Just super hypocritical. They are no worse or better than WWE for doing that.


I think one reason this is bad is that this was a bit of a leverage point for AEW when bringing talent in. You can actually make plans.

I do wonder if that Kirby guy was one of the people who pushed for this, being the new COO. At the end of the day, it’s down to Tony Khan.

It is ironic this happened on the day Punk talked about how he wasn’t a boss, but a nice guy. He then cuts people, like a boss who is looking at his bottom line. No care for Anthony Henry’s injury. Just, people on a piece of paper. I also wonder what AEW will look like after the new TV deals. I feel one reason he had his issues is that he wanted to make everyone happy. Once he sets out to do what the purpose of AEW was to begin with, media rights, I wonder if nice guy Tony goes away.

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Same here but Vince or whoever never patted themselves on the backs and promised to always honour contracts. TK lied about doing that.

So it’s not a tribalism thing. It sucks when wrestlers lose their jobs but at least WWE didn’t put on a fake front about being warm and fuzzy with wrestlers livelihoods.

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Classic Tony. He also hired Ric Flair and had Jericho and his NDAs and stuff.

Hypocrite with a capital H

I don’t have a problem with someone only watching WWE or AEW, especially in the case of WWE I completely understand why some are turned off with everything that is going on right now, or even things that have gone on in the past.

I think when it comes to topics such as cuts its a spectrum of assholeness (for lack of a better term lol), and I think WWE is definitely farther on the side of being assholes compared to AEW when we compare them cutting people in the pandemic after hitting record numbers vs what Tony did today. Now if people were saying that the WWE were pieces of shit for what they did and AEW did nothing wrong (especially after what Tony said) I think that’s just hypocritical.

After reading this thread though I understand you weren’t aware of Tony’s comments so I can understand the reaction, I said what I said because I knew for a fact it was coming.

Because they’re a capitalist company and money rules ultimately…even for billionaires.

That’s fair enough … I agree.

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And you were right :boxing_glove::boxing_glove::boxing_glove: