AEW Revolution Discussion

The women’s tag was really good. Maki Itoh’s last minute reverse was awesome.

So far I’ve enjoyed everything, but JR needs to get off commentary. His voice is just not able to do the broadcast. No shame is stepping down for a night for the sake of the product.


Silver/Jungle Boy would be an awesome team.

Lol one hour and two matches - going to be a longggg night.

Have enjoyed both matches so far but the casino tag battle royal was the definition of “let’s get everyone on the show”

lol…it’s never good when a Dynamite match goes 30 min on a PPV. Still got more stamina than I predicted I’d have after getting through it than I thought in the preview thread though.

I think the first hour got two long matches out of the way.
I don’t see the Woman’s Championship match, Page / Hardy, Best Friends / Miro & Sabian, going more than 15 minutes.

I think it’s pace to be done around 11:30 or so. Maybe a little later.

My guide says 5 - 11 (pst)

Page/Hardy and the Miro stuff should be sub 10 mins, otherwise I see the crowd and JR dying

Man. I live in California. Unsure how they can/or why only go two matches in so late on a Sunday. Especially for those within the EST.

On one hand I dont want this card to go forever lol, at the same time when people are paying $60 I get the mind set in giving the consumer a long show. As long as its quality Ill be ok with it.


My thoughts so far.
I’m paying $60 for a big show. If it goes 4 hours, I’m fine with that.

So far, quality wise, I’m enjoying the card.


I’d just prefer the matches with actual buildup getting the time. You know what you’re getting from a Bucks match and the women deserve time for a tournament’s results…it’s when a nothing battle royal padding it out we have problems. This isn’t really a problem so long as the explody stuff starts before midnight, esp since we know that has to go 30 as well.

It’s not the biggest deal though, just has to have the card live up to what we think to be fine.

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Totally agree, no one is paying $60 to watch a lot of Dark talent compete for 30 minutes. The last 10 minutes was great but that was way too long

JR looks real rough.

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I hate to say it because I’m a huge fan of his, but he comes off tonight like a sick old man, and I say that with no disrespect.

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Ok, I did love the line “Why would you get married on a wrestling program anyways”.

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It’s just weird to be the company that generally listens to fans and the “time management” thing rings to dead air. And if that’s much of an issue with the price, then lower the price, I dunno.

I feel bad for JR. I can see why he wants to tough through it, but I think the lesson of the last year is you shouldn’t be exposing other people to sickness, no matter the sickness.

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All of that Miro stuff was a mess, shouldn’t be on PPV.

Is it me? Or does Miro just make you want to change the channel?

I really enjoyed the backstage stuff. I wish they had just done a squash to continue Miro looking like a monster. Harder to do that after selling an Orange Punch for longer than Taylor sold being thrown through a glass window.

If they’re heading to a breakup, it’s probably best, but I like Kip Sabian…so I hope he doesn’t get lost after that.

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That Jericho/MJF segment felt scripted…maybe its me, but I got a WWE vibe during it.