AEW Revolution

  • Buying the PPV
  • Watching the PPV
  • Not watching the PPV

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Not watching… but there’s alway a chance I’ll catch a portion later via the Nefarious Means Network if a match happens that is creating a buzz.

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Watching at somebody’s apt who will buy it.

Pretty sure the PPV is only $20 on Fite. If somebody wants to watch it, it bums me out to see at that price point, anybody would pirate it.

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The NMN is undefeated…Not that I would have any first-hand knowledge of such an unscrupulous content provider.

And I think that eventually they will need to address the price point of these PPVs. I’m buying the show, but it still feels a little over-priced. I think they can have their big show of the year priced at $50, but the other shows should be in that $20-$30 range, IMO. :100:


To me the build to this show has been worthy of the $50 price point but I agree they need to re-think the cost of the shows overall

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Is it not $20 in the US?

Again, on Fite, I paid $27 cdn for it, so about $20 US.

I know I won’t have time to watch tonight so I’ll probably try to catch it later or watch the highlights.

Nah, it’s fitty bucks on B/R or through traditional cable. :100:

Wasn’t aware of that.

Still though, kind of disappointed people who have been digging their weekly tv so much and vocally support the product to be up for pirating the show.

It’s pretty undisputable that they’ve more or less knocked it out of the park with their TV since New Year’s Day. To me, if you’re following the product and want to see the PPV - those who are going to watch it illegally will justify it regardless of price point. Whether it be $50, $25 or $5.

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I would happily buy it in order to support AEW. I genuinely feel like they deserve it after this build.
PPV in the UK is always around £20 - even the boxing last week. But now ITV have stopped their PPV network I dont know how to even buy it over here. So I’m exploring the nefarious means network

This match has been paced perfectly so far. Hell of an opener!

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Sammy is absolutely not human

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I fucking loved Darby/Sammy both were great

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Matt Jackson’s back being injured for 4 years is my favorite ongoing storyline in all of professional wrestling

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Awesome match. Definitely should have opened the show with that over Dustin vs Hager.

I’m moving today, and don’t have wifi hooked up yet.

This has been nearly a perfect match

Rogers or Bell?

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My God My God My God main-qimg-f9d8d71a09bbdee374a036cf459df1c4

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