AEW Revolution

Great match !!!

Its also on IPTV for free and if you don’t have it use FITE TV it’s 20 bucks USD

Not a repeat of Wai’s issues. Lol. It is a mechanical issue, missing a connector piece to attach to the box. Too late to get anyone in.

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Looks like the Bucks are fulfilling their mission statement of making tag team wrestling great again. That was an absolutely phenomenal match.

I love how they are selling her being an alien and the effects of Earths atmosphere

I feel for ya man! My wifi went out before Summerslam weekend 2018 and I missed TakeOver and Summerslam itself because Spectrum couldn’t get out to me until the following Monday. How internet/cable providers somehow still manage to get away with terrible customer service in this day and age will forever be a mystery to me.


Geese this is a sloppy women’s match no one seems to care about

Strategically placed after that Elite tag match. Have to let the live crowd catch their breath a little bit I guess!

This may the sloppiest match I’ve seen in a long time

They need to seriously fire whoever is in charge of this women’s division. That was beyond pathetic

Nyla is not very good in my opinion. I think Statlander has tons of potential, but that match had absolutely no heat attached to it and she apparently is getting over the flu right now.

MJF is Randy Orton Orange

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Really cool enterance screen on floor for MJF. The presentation is way more WWE level now than when they started. Seems big time

Is something wrong with my TV or is MJF orange?

Not usually huge on live entrance performances but that was actually really well done

Weird start to this with Cody trying to pin him and not just beating the shit out of him

Orange Cassidy has completely reinvented what it means to be a comedy act in professional wrestling

Someone needs to explain to me the allure of OC. The fans losing their minds for him while I just want to fast forward this means either my theory they are all drunk (unlikely) is untrue and I really just don’t get it

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That match was awesome, this has been a great PPV


The women’s watch was crap. Unwatchable

The Cody vs MJF was average at best. It wasn’t an epic and was weird.

The tag match was great as was Darby.

I don’t get the OC stuff. Match was better than I thought.

It’s been a fine PPV but it’s not takeover Portland level yet. Yet still have the main event which should be epic

Sometimes, you aren’t gonna get things. People like things you don’t. It really doesn’t matter. I don’t understand why people like dance music, but they do. It’s just a matter of opinion.

I’m allowed to like what I like. I enjoyed Portland I’ve enjoyed this I can like 2 things without them being in competition

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The choir was a very interesting choice, I liked it and gave Jericho a big champion’s entrance.