AEW: “Road To” Thread

These “Road To…” weekly episodes have been awesome. The whole vignette with Jake Roberts being the dealer and announcing several of the Battle Royal participants had me hyped for the match.

I’ve got 22. Made me mark out

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Still a little skeptical with the deck-of-cards gimmick and the final joker card. Hopefully they were able to fine tune the match and clean up all of the confusion. I also love the one-on-one interviews. It made me appreciate Nyla Rose a lot more now, than just being a dominant female wrestler.

Yeah they set it up so the joker looks like they will win each time

Loved the reveal of Ivelisse. Great talent and will fit in perfectly

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Brandi just cut an intense promo on today’s episode. I’d be happy if she just stuck to managing or promoting, instead of wrestling.

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