AEW set to run Arthur Ashe Stadium in NYC this September

Originally published at AEW set to run Arthur Ashe Stadium in NYC this September

During an appearance on WFAN, AEW president Tony Khan announced that AEW will make its debut in New York City later this year.

Khan appeared on the Moose and Maggie program to reveal that AEW will be holding a special edition of Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Wednesday, September 22nd with tickets going on sale July 16th.

. @TonyKhan just announced on @WFAN660 that @AEW is coming to NYC, Wednesday September 22nd to the USTA Arthur Ashe Stadium. Tickets on sale July 16. More details to follow

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) June 16, 2021

Khan also spoke with the NY Daily News, with the article stating the event will be part of a promotion called “Grand Slam” that Khan compared to “Winter is Coming” and “Blood & Guts”. The New York date will be sandwiched between shows in Newark, New Jersey on September 15th and Rochester, New York on September 29th.

Located in Queens, Arthur Ashe Stadium is a huge facility that lists capacity for tennis at 23,771 and is the main stadium used for the U.S. Open.


Wow…thats so cool. I love tennis and I dont know if a wrestling show has ever been held here, but I never thought I’d see one.

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This is a very cool looking venue. Looking forward to it.

I am enjoying the branding of a lot of the weekly shows as they get back on the road. I know there was some talk on last week’s RaSD that it made things less special… If they hadn’t spent a year and a half at a single venue, I’d agree. However, while obviously a sales tactic, it still makes things feel like a big deal.

Also feeling like they’re planning something big to build momentum over the summer and heading into fall.

Also on the topic of the NYC show…
NJPW is running several Grand Slam events this summer… Could this be part of that?

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I dont even think that matters as much as these past few weeks moving to Fridays. I think going back to Wednesday and having some big shows is the right move, to make sure all the viewers come back.


Definitely, not even taking into account the Friday shows for a month.

That venue is sick. I’ve been lucky enough to attend US Opens the past few years. I’ve always thought it would be an amazing venue for other events. Will make sure I’m back in NY for this one. The venue outside the stadium with a sea of wrestling fans is going to be a fun time!


Yeah seconding this being a great venue. This was a very unique idea to get into the market (making up for the lack of uniqueness with the name lol). Almost definitely have to go to it just to see what it looks like. Should have some great sound.


The complex for those not familiar or never been. It’s very impressive and all very new.

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