AEW to Rogers / Sportsnet in January?

Given Sportsnet / Rogers will be losing out on WWE starting in January thanks to the Netflix deal, it looks like a pretty clear expectation they’ll take on AEW, given this WBD news. (Assuming AEW re-signs with WBD).

Would be very big for reach and a dependable outlet for Canada.

Does this mean they are off TSN?

No I meant, IF they are added to Sportsnet, would the be off TSN as those two are essentially the “big 2” here in Canada, so I would imagine yes.

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Makes sense but didn’t TSN and AEW sign for multiple years when Collision launched?

Did they? I’m honestly not sure.
I would be surprised, because Collison isn’t regularly aired linearly on TSN, though.

All I can find are stories like this:

Either way, if WBD is working with Rogers - you’d imagine there would be pressure on TSN to step things up, or lose AEW.

I can’t seem to find anything either. But I just don’t see them leaving TSN (even though they should).

SN has Wednesday Night Hockey and HNIC on Saturdays. Also have UFC content now on a lot of Saturdays.

Just don’t see them wanting a show on those nights when they already have so much other programming.

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Yeah, Sportsnet ain’t giving up a national institution like Hockey Night in Canada for anything else, much less AEW.

It puzzles me that Canadian and U.S. cable are so different. We primarily speak the same language, live in the same time zones and have mostly the same programs. How does WBD not have TNT and TBS equivalents in Canada that are a part of the same overarching contract?

I feel like the CRTC requirements might not make it worth their while.

What other sports outlets does Rogers own? It is just Sportsnet?

I presume they could also program it on non-traditional sports channels, if AEW does land there.

CanCon regulations. It would just be a headache for any American network to do that unless they wanted to invest in a lot of Canadian programming.

You would also have the Canadian networks crying about losing ad dollars too if a big American media company set up shop.

We’re very soft and cuddly with our big corps lol


We had TBS (my introduction to WCW was TBS) which became Peachtree TV in the mid-2000s.

CRTC regulations (Cancon being included here) are among the largest contributors to Canada’s current media regulatory system (which is terribly flawed).

Rogers has multiple Sportsnet branded channels: Sn, Sn360, and regional channels. They also have an expensive streaming service. If they take AEW, they’d put it on 360, while the NHL, Raptors, or Blue Jays go to main feed.

Along with hockey (which those rights are due for renegotiation sooner rather than later), they’re also the Blue Jays National Broadcaster (owning a % of the team), they have a % of the NBA deal, UFC, and I think some NFL.

Regardless of how it works, this could be the best spot for AEW in the country.

While a Bell Media property, Crave TV gives you access to HBO, so….factor that info into any prognostications how you will.

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They also have OLN and FX Canada. Could possibly be a fit there but if that is the destination then it’s probably better to stay on TSN.

Collision & Rampage only air on the TSN feeds when they’re in Canada because it’s considered “Canadian content”. Whereas it wouldn’t likely be much of an issue with Rogers as they could now air all 3 shows on SN360 or SN1 if necessary.