AEW to run Wembley Stadium in London this August

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AEW is going to London, England this summer with a major event in August.

During Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, Tony Khan announced that “All In” would take place at Wembley Stadium in London, England on Sunday, August 27.

#AEW’s highly anticipated UK debut will take place at the iconic @wembleystadium on Sunday, August 27!

Tickets for AEW: All In London go on sale Friday, May 5 at 9am BST. Fans can pre-register now for early access to purchase tickets at

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) April 6, 2023

It will be AEW’s first event in the U.K. with tickets going on sale to the general public on Friday, May 5 at 9 a.m. BST.

The show was not announced as a pay-per-view in the press release and the broadcast information remains unknown. Traditionally, AEW has run its “All Out” event every Labor Day weekend in Chicago, which is the weekend after the London debut.

Wembley Stadium is easily the largest venue that AEW has ever booked and was Tony Khan’s major announcement that had been teased for the past week.

Interesting…you knew it was inevitable that Tony would eventually go for a stadium show given the huge success WWE has doing them. I’m curious how ticket sales go.

Being in the UK my gut tells me it will sell out, but I dont think its a sure thing.

Allegedly already over 25K have registered for pre-sale for this show.

This will be very big…

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You need to apply for a job in AEW for PR, you’re essentially doing it for free anyways :joy:

I kid I kid lol….you may be right and it very well could be, but it’s a high bar for stadium shows right now and they need to be close to a sell out. I think they can do it given the location.

Why does it need to be close to a sellout? Say they only sell 60,000 tickets, would that you consider that a failure or an embarrassment? Yeah they could still fit an entire United Center worth of attendance in there but 60,000 is not nothing.

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I wouldn’t use the word “failure” if they sold 60K, that’s damn impressive. I think when you take on a stadium show for your biggest show of the year, unfortunately people are going to compare it to Mania.

I think for the general narrative to be a positive one online, it needs to be close to a sellout or at least full in the majority of the stadium, especially on the side that is shown to the hard camera.

For example, lets say Wembley holds 90K and the do 40K and there are empty seats everywhere, I think they will get flack as they could have just done a smaller venue and filled it. If it fills 90K and they do 70K, I dont think its an issue.

For the record, I am not saying I will give them flack, I think that will be the general feedback.

I will fly in from Germany. I already signed up and I will try to buy the best two tickets I can get.


That is cool, I have to imagine the atmosphere for an AEW show in Europe is going to be insane. If I lived oversees I would 100% go.

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Yeah, but certain people are going to give flack no matter what happens though. 40,000 would still be twice as big as any event they’ve ever held, I’d say good for them even if they’d have to funnel people down onto lower levels and in front of the camera haha.

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Oh for sure, but if they are running a 90K stadium I have to imagine they expect to do more then 40K. I think they can do at least 60, and if they hit 60 I’d say it’s a success. If they hit 70+ I think they get little flack.

Wembley can hold 90K for boxing or football when all 360 degrees of seats are in use.

But if AEW puts in a big stage that blocks 1/4 of the stadium then the seat capacity immediately decreases to 70K. If they only do 60K as long as it looks pretty full and loud on TV that’s all that matters.

But to get 60K - 70K to me it means they need their biggest stars on the show. Danielson, Moxley, Jericho, Omega, Young Bucks, MJF, Page, Baker, Saraya, etc. So hopefully they can all stay healthy (or in the case of the YB get healthy).

But does it also mean they need CM Punk for this show?


Agreed. If they limit seating to 70K and they do 60K, then thats a success. IMO its not about how many seats are filled as much as how many seats are empty. Purposely making the set huge and limiting seating to 60-70K is probably a good idea. Also keep in mind though, floor seats are going to add some seats as well compared to a soccer game.

I think it’s going to be massive. I remember how well TNA did in the UK when that product wasn’t hot at all. AEW has the star power and a good TV slot over there. Combine that with a starved market and they will do very well.

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I want a massive, cool looking entrance. One of my favorite things of going to shows when I was younger, was walking into the arena and seeing the set for the first time.

I want to see what they can do with a Wrestlemania like set.


To me, this is a monster success if they cross WCW’s record of 40K at the Georgia Dome. That’s their biggest crowd (not going to count Korea or NJPW co-promoted shows). I’d like to think that would silence some critics.

But by now, I know. If they get 50K, people will say it’s not 70K. If it 70K, they’ll complain it’s not 85K. If it’s 90K, they’ll say it’s a one off fluke.

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I think anyone who said if they don’t sell it it’s not a success needs to go back and look at the wrestlemania in Dallas where they didn’t sell out.

This is what Tony should’ve done in Toronto and it’s a good move – will get a real idea of how many tickets can I actually sell if I put on a killer show in a hot market. There’s no way for him to know that and this will tell him because he’s got 90,000 seats and he knows he won’t sell that many it does give him opportunity to sell as many as he can.

What is a success? I would say something that would rival over 30,000 would be a success to me. When you start getting above that you’re into the size of most decent size stadiums, and it shows that there’s a definite demand.

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Some people will always complain, just some will always praise. You can’t listen to the extremes.

40K would be impressive, but I can’t imagine Tony’s goal is 40K if he booked a stadium that holds 90K. Either way, I think it’s going to be a moot point as I feel with that hardcore fanbase in that starving market, they should easily get at least 60K.

Does anyone have any idea on the ticket prices? There’s a pre-sale on Wednesday if you have O2 phone contract so I’ll be on that


That’s a huge factor as well. If Tony pulls a Vince and tries to get every penny possible by charging an arm and a leg, he may not do as well attendance wise compared to how he would do by keeping prices on the lower end.

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Call me crazy but I think that this is a sign that CM Punk is actually coming back. MJF vs Punk III for the title to happen here. I’ve signed up for the pre-sale.

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