AEW to run Wembley Stadium in London this August

If CM Punk comes back and they dont do either Punk vs Omega or CMFTR vs The Elite, I think its a mistake. Unless they just refuse to work together.

On your biggest show ever, you need to pull all the stops, if you have the ability to do so. Rematches are not what they should be doing on their first event of this size.

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There really isnt a match in all of wrestling IMO that would feel bigger then Omega vs Punk. Maybe Rock vs Roman, but to the hardcodes Omega vs Punk would just be huge.

I hear ya - in principle. But this isn’t just any old rematch.

Omega vs Punk would also be excellent but I think Punk/MJF III would do just fine. It was the rumoured Main Event when they were talking about the United Center and I think for a first time showing in a hot territory, they could talk a lot of people into the building.

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I would be very disappointed if they headlined with MJF vs Punk.

I’m trying to convince my wife to go to England for this (wish me luck!) but if this was the moan event I probably wouldn’t go. No interest in seeing this again with the same tired MJF promos. His act has gotten stale for me.

Unless they swap and MJF is the face going into this.

Otherwise I agree - give me either Punk vs Omega or some one else I haven’t thought of (maybe a new hire)

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If you do make it over, let me know - I’ll buy you a pint at the event.

For you, it’s the same tired event. There’s a weird obsession over here with having the same experience as the Americans do. I think we’d welcome Punk vs Omega but I also think our own shot at having MJF (likely face) vs CM Punk (likely heel) would be welcomed over here (face/heel dynamics would be thrown to the wall and the crowd would decide for themselves anyways. I think two masters of crowd manipulation/interpretation like Punk and MJF would be great)

Of course this is assuming Punk is back and stays healthy - both of which are HUGE what ifs.

The only other match on that level for me is Punk/Omega - and I think the only 2 that are capable of closing the show (unless the title is elsewhere and you go Elite vs CMFTR) - but those really are it.

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I would agree a face MJF vs heel Punk would work. London is a hot crowd usually too.

I’m also hoping we see some big name new Japan talent on the show.

Mone vs Hayter or Britt etc

What if we had:

  • Heel Punk vs Face MJF
  • Omega vs Ospreay (in the UK??? - Omega instant heel)
  • Mone vs Britt
  • Jay White vs any big name here

Has anyone else got tickets? I’m in the nosebleed’s but could not care less

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Just got em. 100s


Block M on the ground floor!

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ah nice! wish id got better seats, i just didnt wanna miss out so bought the ones ticketmaster offered me

Tickets seem to be flying this morning. If you look at the ticket maps on Ticketmaster, its remarkable how many have sold. It’s going to be north of 65K by tonight, if not more.

I’ve always thought that they needed to make All Out their version of Mania. Fault the WWE all you want, but branding a PPV/PLE as your number #1 show of the year and making it into a monster event is smart, and I hope this shows Tony that he should be running stadiums for All out every single year. There is no reason if they pick the right venues that this shouldn’t be happening every year. This a huge moment for AEW, and I hope they grow from it.

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Is anyone travelling to this from the North? I’ve just received an email that trains are cancelled. Is anyone able to give me and my mate a lift and we’ll pay for petrol?