AEW Vs NJPW Forbidden Door in Toronto on June 25th

Just got my tickets today!

They are running Scotiabank as well over Coca Cola this time - do we see Omega Vs Okada??


How did you get tickets today?

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I am a Leafs and Raptors season seat holder - get presale to every Scotiabank event.

Prices for lower stands is 200 for sides and 100 for upper bowl sides


Ah…Fellow Raptors fan…always thought you were sound :+1:


I was in Winnipeg last night. It was fantastic. I live in Hamilton, so I will be going to the Toronto for bidden door as well as dynamite in Hamilton. I’ve been bugging Tony on Twitter come to Hamilton & he finally did; this will be our first show in years. WWE doesn’t wanna come here anymore because we don’t support them. Last time they were here for a house show had about 3000 people-so we don’t want or need them.
I think I will go to the Saskatchewan shows and Edmonton but I’m not going to a house show in Calgary even though I’ve never been there before. I hope they go to Montreal Quebec city Vancouver maybe New Brunswick Nova Scotia even London has a decent size arena, Ontario of course.

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Omega and Okada doing it again would be perfect. How’s the prices?

Our presale basically gives us access the sides on the lower and upper bowl (sec 107-109 and 118-120 and the upper bowls above those). We can get row 1 and higher

The uppers in those areas are 100 bucks and the lowers are 200.

We don’t get ringside etc

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Either way I was able to get 4 seats so happy to help any one out who can’t get seats

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Looks like the demand for tickets is insane. If anyone’s interested, I still have my seats which seem to be going for over 1500 bucks a ticket now but I’m happy to sell for my cost to fans

Tickets are flying, No doubt it’ll be a sell out. I really hope we get Bryan Danielson vs. ZSJ & MJF vs. Tanahashi or Shingo.

If anyone needs the presale codes.

I’m sure when everything is available on Friday for the public on-sale, it’ll be sold out quickly.

But guys… AEW still caters to a niche audience, it’s a niche within a niche within a niche. And people won’t be familiar to the NJPW talent without any build or any storytelling. It’s going to take a lot of work to sell out the Scotiabank. Hahaha GTFOH.


To be fair Toronto is an anomaly they could’ve sold out much bigger on the first time too.

WWE always does monster sales here as well. It’s just a very large and richer city with a bunch of Wrestling fans so they can charge a lot and still sell out.

Managed to snag some pretty decent 100 level seats, though I might be greedy and see if any better sections were held back for the public sale on Friday. Either way, tickets seemed to be moving pretty fast and furious; I wonder if AEW will be analyzing (or possibly releasing?) info on how many tickets were purchased by people outside Ontario for whom the concept of the show alone is enough to merit travelling even without any matches announced (like me).

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Where are you sitting?

I had a single left in 119 (rest were accounted for). I got a single on floor N I’m using

Well thank you @A-Rob for sharing the pre sale codes! Lol I managed to get 2 tickets after trying a bunch of times, I’m PUMPED for this


I’m in section 107. I’m actually going with a friend, so a single wouldn’t really help, but thanks for the offer!

Amazing! Looks like many people going from the forums


Look up and you’ll see me in the 300’s lol just glad I’ll be in the building

Your welcome! from a fellow 300 seater lol.

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