AEW vs. NXT – Week 1 Ratings & Reaction | Café Hangout

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John Pollock and Wai Ting discuss the fall-out from Week One of the “Wednesday Night Wars” as AEW Dynamite debuts against WWE NXT. We take your phone calls reacting to both shows as we receive its ratings live on-air.

At 00:20:01, we’re joined by POST Wrestling reporter Andrew Thompson for a live report from last night’s AEW Dynamite in Washington, DC.

Plus a record-setting number of phone calls! This was a really fun show.


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Music: “Down In New Orleans” by Giorgio Di Campo for Freesound Music

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Enjoyed the new callers, good decision letting the $6 crowd in on the live calls. I subscribe to Post and Observer and recently like this past Monday Bryan decided to stop taking calls on Wrestling Observer Live. My opinion is that anybody could call and you end up with terrible calls. You guys have people willing to pay for coverage so it shows that the person calling is not trying to troll. I even recognized Sivone(sp?) From New Jersey a frequently good caller to Observer Live

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I think you guys have upped my interest for the hangout each week with adding more voices from the community. Thanks guys!

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