AEW Worlds End media scrum notes: Tony Khan on Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia's contract, Dana Massie, MJF's future

Originally published at AEW Worlds End media scrum notes: Tony Khan on Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia's contract, Dana Massie, MJF's future

Following the Worlds End pay-per-view, multiple talents who were in action on the show joined AEW President Tony Khan for the post-event media scrum

Below are highlights from several of the scrum sessions that took place: 

Tony Khan’s Solo Scrum: 

  • He was asked if Chris Jericho has ever been under investigation for sexual misconduct. Khan cannot speak to unsourced internet rumors. He reiterated that AEW has the best safety policy and if anyone has a complaint, there’s an open line to tell anything to him or a higher-up. 
  • Khan believes Swerve Strickland can be champion. He said he has to keep up that challenger spirit. 
  • There were just around 10,000 people in attendance for Worlds End at Nassau Coliseum.
  • As far as MJF’s future, he cannot speak to it. He said MJF has been a huge part of AEW and is always welcome in the company. 
  • Khan then addressed Dana Massie’s departure from AEW. She was the company’s Marketing and Merchandising Officer. He spoke highly of her and said she is one of the first people who took a chance on AEW. Khan said if she had not convinced Matt Jackson to get on the phone him, they might not be where they are with AEW present day. 

Daniel Garcia & Tony Khan:

  • Daniel Garcia talks about his contract coming up. He wants to prove he’s an asset and can be someone that can be built around. 
  • Khan was asked about the Fight Forever video game. He stated that all resources are going into keeping the game updated. He could see AEW creating another console game later down the line but the focus right now and for the foreseeable future is Fight Forever. 

Swerve Strickland & Tony Khan:

  • Speaking about Keith Lee’s injury, Strickland said it’s unfortunate but he’s done waiting. He’s focused on championship gold and if the match between him and Lee happens, Lee will have to work his way towards him. 
  • Strickland, in character, said his time was wasted at Worlds End. 
  • Tony was asked about Dustin Rhodes’ status in AEW and he said Rhodes is a big part of the company. 

Toni Storm & Tony Khan:

  • The AEW Women’s World Champion said there’s a big free agent out there who ‘money’ written all over her. She then said she’s referring to Wendi Richter. Storm said she’s going to ‘f*ck her up’. 
  • Mariah May flanked Storm at the scrum and Tony Khan said he believes Mariah has everything it takes to be a champion in AEW.
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