After a three-year suspension, Hulk Hogan has been reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Get off your soapboxes.

Hogan dropped an n bomb. …he didn’t murder or rape anyone. Nobody died as a direct result of him saying a word in a private conversation about his daughter dating a guy Hogan didn’t like.

Identify the problem. It’s not that he said a bad word. The problem is in his brain. What he believes. Who he is.

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True…In the grand scope of WWE high crimes, being a racist isn’t quite on that Benoit lifetime banishment level. I have no problem with him being in the HOF. He earned that spot. You can’t take that away from the dude.

But also…Screw that overhyped hot dog-lookin’ company-crippling bigot! Outside of that initial nWo run, I never rocked with that dude back in the day and i see no reason to celebrate him or put him in a long-term TV role going forward. :hotdog::-1::100:


“Hotdogging looking”…now who’s being the racist.

My ancestors had a saying, “We won’t fight in the trenches with a man that looks like he should be covered in French’s”.

Those wise words count double for those with middling in-ing skills! :joy::fist::100:


Let’s face it, this was a well calculate plan by WWE. They wanted to get mainstream publicity and they got it with this news. I watch the news on global, ctv and some of the French station we have in Montreal and all of them covered the news and they never cover wrestling. Even some of the major newspaper covered this news. So if it got covered in every mass media outlet in Montreal, I’m guessing that this news got covered in every major media outlet around the world and that’s what WWE wanted because everybody is talking about them

Not to hijack the thread, but I had an actual wrestling-related discussion about Hogan yesterday that I thought some others might like to chime in on. If he knew back in the 1980s that WWE would only care about how MANY title reigns a guy had, how many different people would have beaten him for the strap at some point? Here’s my estimate without straying too far from his actual storylines during that era:

Roddy Piper (pre-Wrestlemania I)
Randy Savage, King Kong Bundy or Piper again in 1986-87
Ted DiBiase or Andre the Giant sometime in 1987-88
Some combo of Mr. Perfect, Earthquake and/or Rick Rude from 1988-90
Maybe Sgt. Slaughter (Warrior’s title run never happens or, at least, Hogan/Warrior at WM6 never happens)
The Undertaker


I don’t think they actually care about the number title reigns. Seems more like a way to generate interest by moving the belt around.

Maybe our attention spans are more limited today and it’s the correct way to go.

I agree with Rocket that WWE absolutely cares (or at least promotes more) the number of title reigns over the length of a reign on weekly television. Ric Flair is consistently held high on a pedestal with the 16 title reign number and they have basically said that when Cena breaks that record he will be the GOAT.

Whereas the length of the title reign only ever gets mentioned when a guy is about to lose.

Hogan would absolutely have made sure he lost and won the heavyweight title 26 times if it would forever mean he was considered the greatest.

They like it as a stat to parade around during commentary but I have trouble buying that’s their main motivation to move the belt around. This company loves reading off inane stats rather than talking about the match.

I’ll have to take your word that they promote number as opposed to length. I thought they had a pretty big boner for the tag title and the women’s title record but it’s tough for me to always listen to Cole blather.

I really believe they use it to generate interest or attempt to elevate their wrestlers. I could be wrong but that seems so weird to have the belt jump around just to brag about number of reigns.

I don’t think people do care about the number of title reigns unless it’s breaking a record. I can tell you Flair and Cena have 16 title reigns each but I can’t tell you how many guys like Orton or Hunter have, I just know it’s a lot. I’d also argue that fans remember the length of a reign more if it’s a long time, fans can tell you that Bruno had the longest title reign in history. I really don’t see Hogan as a guy who would be dropping the title so often just because, this is a guy who reportedly changed the finishes to Rumbles and battle royals he was in mid match to protect himself. He’d cared more about not losing and that’s proven when you look at how he lost all of his WWF titles, all were done to protect Hogan and in the one time it wasn’t (his lose to Warrior) he made it all about him anyways.

Oh, you’re definitely right about that.

But the number of title reigns comes up far more frequently than longevity of a title reign, since the longevity records aren’t broken (or even approached) all that often. The one I remember (too long ago for me to cite which show) is Cole boasting something like “Kevin Owens is a three-time U.S. Champion in the last four months!” as if that’s solely a good thing with no obvious counterargument.

See also: Banks, Sasha.

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WWE issued the following:

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:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: So that’s why they reinstated the Hulkster.

I can’t say that I feel one way or another about this as I don’t think he’s actually a racist, I think he said something out of ignorance rather than hate. And on the other hand I don’t think he can offer anything that I’d consider entertaining either so I’m pretty meh on this.

If they decide to randomly throw him with some black guys to show that he’s not racist then that would probably make me feel uncomfortable.

Maybe they can have him do something with AJ Styles which results in people realising that they not only give AJ Styles a pass but that they actively cheer him so they might as well give someone with a smaller role in the company a pass as well… :eyes:

He actually says, “I’m racist to a point”.

I also have to respectfully disagree that this is an example of ignorance. He’s a 60 (50 something at the time) year old man that has spent the majority of his life in the entertainment business and has traveled the world. This isn’t some old guy who only lived in rural Georgia. I can’t buy that this is just ignorance.

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Ever heard Hogan talk in real life. Most of the stuff he says is nonsensical and barely makes any sense. He just talks out of his ass and doesn’t know what he is saying most of the time. Virtually every wrestler has said they have never heard him say racist thing ever. If you watch shoot interviews with black wrestlers from the 80s and 90s they always tell you who is racist. Hogan has never come up. virtually all the black wrestlers from that era has stood up for him.

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Yeah, when you say racist things, people are going to think you are a racist.

Maybe those are his real opinions, maybe not. I’m personally always in support of second chances. But I’m not going to bitch if someone else is offended by the recording.

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You should spend more time hating on Hulk Hogan. It’s productive and get things done. Meanwhile, make sure you tune in, watch, and listen to podcasts about WWE, because your support of WWE is in turn, support for Hulk Hogan.

Ultra liberal SJW Sami Zayn mocking black people on video. This is must see and am curious what black people think of this and do they want a public apology from him.