Agnew’s new show?

What’s everyone’s thoughts?
I liked the digs at the LAW, but the radio promo last night about his show not being a “Post-show. It’s the Main event.” feels pretty petty for no reason.

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Didn’t have time to listen to it yet but I feel like he has the right to be petty after the way he got let go by anthem. Everybody has dealt with this situation in their own way. John and wai decided to make the most of it and started post wrestling and Jason decided to continue with a new radio show and continue to make fun of his former employers.

Agreed on the pettiness to Anthem - but why the dig at Post Wrestling?

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I don’t get the sense that there are issues between Agnew and John/Wai, I think we are doing the “smark” thing and reading too much between the lines. Honestly no matter what Jason says someone could turn it around as some sort of dig on POSTWrestling. He is pretty vocal about the Anthem thing and has every right to be, also “Angry Agnew” is his thing anyway, so it goes along with that.

I love Sunday Night’s Main Event, it feels like the LAW, and Jay knew that is what we would want, I miss having John on the show but Mouth makes an occasional appearance, and I’m sure people wonder why John/Wai haven’t appeared on it, and to be honest my instinct says that they are just too busy, and there are no personal issues.


What did he say about Post Wrestling?

There was a promo (radio promo, not wrestling promo) in between segments that said “this isn’t a Post show, this is Sunday night’s main event!”

I’ve been trying to give it a chance but Agnew really needs a co-host. He really needs someone to play off.


I see that “not post show, it’s a main event” as more of him adding importance to his show.


Ya I agree we may be reading too much into it but there has been more than just the “Post show” comment yesterday. In the first or second show he made the comment that his patron site was “cheaper than a cup of coffee”. He mentioned he is doing the show for no pay from TSN so to his credit he is doing the show cause he loves wrestling.

IMO though without a co-host he is pretty unbearable. His dynamic with Dan is still good but since he only calls in briefly most of the show is hard to listen to.

It must also be hard for him to find out he missed the boat not teaming up with Wai and John (if that was even an option). They were the real stars of the final few years of the Law (and I was listening since the late 90s). My speculation is with Braden, and other ex law members opting to join post wresting either paid or pro bono showed Agnew where their allegiances were. Its like any job… once you leave you stay in contact with some people and others you lose contact with… Agnew seems like the later.

It has the makings of a good angle between shows though… cause everything is a work right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I listened to it. Like others miss the LAW on Sunday nights. Did not become a Patreon member. Not because I don’t want to. I just want to give it time. Between being a Patreon member here, the WWE network, New Japan World, Wrestling observer, and All Japan. I think I am spread pretty well.

I am not attempting to disparage Jason at all when I say that his broadcasting style just isn’t my cup of tea. I much prefer the conversational, casual tone of John & Wai (and Braden, et al), because it feels more authentic. It doesn’t feel like a gimmick or a hook; most pairings of ex-LAW talent feel like listening to a conversation between friends like what any of us may have.

Maybe Jason needs to go back to basics and have a regular co-host to play off of, as has been suggested above.

I think it’s because Jason is a professional Host, so he is always “on”, kind of like how the Miz is.

John is a journalist, so his style has always been very informative and conversational, Wai is just Wai, and likable no matter what he does, lol. Remember Jason’s show is a radio show first and not exclusively a podcast, so he has to host it like a radio show announcer.

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agreed. it’s too long for just one person to recap everything. a co-host would add needed breaks and maybe a difference in opinions to play off of.

i do like hearing Meltzer and call-in regulars (hanzi, jim from VA) from the LAW.

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I listened to the first show. It was decent enough but there are so many other wrestling based shows though. As a radio show though it is fine. As others have said above, podcasts are different.

I like the show. I like Jason’s voice and the way he speaks. I like the Meltzer segments and the Triple Threat segments. Turnbuckle Trivia is okay, though I’m tired of the rhyming game already. I wasn’t a big fan of listening to the trivia parts of the LAW anyway.

I did notice the “not a post show” thing on the last episode. I was wondering if there was any animosity there or if it was just a friendly dig. Jason did appear on a POST Wrestling episode not too long ago, so I figured everyone as still on good terms.

do you guys really think ‘this isn’t a post show’ and ‘cheaper than a cup of coffee’ is a coincidence? I think the writing is on the wall, and many of you just need to turn your head and read between the lines. There seems to be a tension between the two parties, or maybe it’s one sided from Jason (probably). Or maybe we’re being worked! That being said, I don’t care…in the sense that I’m more than copacetic with the content I get from postwrestling.


The fact that John & Wai haven’t mentioned his new show on any show so far suggests something maybe there.

I think there is way too much speculation going on here. Let’s not forget that John, Wai, Jason and Dan did their best of/worst of 2017 shows after the founding of Post Wrestling.

Exactly the point I was about to make. I suspect a mutual respect between both ventures exists, but that doesn’t mean they have to acknowledge each other. I also believe in coincidences, and I don’t think Jason was taking shots at Post Wrestling. Ultimately, if there are hurt feelings on either side, why should we care? That’s their problem.

He was obviously taking shots at post wrestling. He’s a sarcastic jerk. Always has been. That being said, I don’t see any animosity. Probably teasing his friends and don’t forget Braden lives with the guy and works for the site.

I’m glad Agnew is doing something with wrestLing but acting is his #1. Plus, he was not nice to callers during the LAW ERA, so good riddance. But, we’re doing exactly what he wants, talking about him.

Don’t believe there is ANY beef! Whatsoever.

Would love to hear Dan or Jeff Marek on POST wrestling though. That’d be awesome!