AJ Styles says he has no respect for CM Punk following Punk calling him out for staying silent about racial issues

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Last week on WWE Backstage, CM Punk voiced his thoughts about the racial issues in America and the death of George Floyd. Several days after, Punk took to Twitter and sent out the following message:

“Lotta people snitching on themselves. When people tell you who they are, believe it. Might be unfortunate and disappointing if you’re a fan of that person, or if it’s your grandmother, but fuck ‘em. Good bye! (I yield my time, fuck you.)”

Punk’s tweet was met with response from a Twitter user concerning AJ Styles. Styles had not commented on any of the protests or racial issues in America. Said Twitter user mentioned how AJ was able to promote his MIXER stream but not share his thoughts about the topic at hand. In a now deleted tweet, Punk responded with, “Well. Come on. That one has been obvious for years.”

The Times Of India caught up with AJ Styles for an interview ahead of Friday night’s edition of SmackDown. Styles was asked about Punk’s comments and Styles said that he will not react to someone he doesn’t have respect for. Styles feels that his job as a performer is to distract people from what’s going on in the world.

“I will not react at all coming from a guy that I don’t anyway. It doesn’t really matter. Look, my job as a performer is to perform and get the mind off all the things that have happened throughout the world. I am not going to react to people saying ridiculous and stupid things.”

AJ Styles is facing Daniel Bryan in the finals of the WWE Intercontinental Championship tournament on SmackDown. Styles had high praise for Bryan and thinks Bryan is on the list of the greatest wrestlers that he’s ever had the chance to share the ring with.

“There are a lot of great performers but there is something about Bryan which you enjoy. I would place in the list of the greatest of all time because he is that good.”

Following SmackDown, a new episode of Rewind-A-SmackDown will be live for all POST Wrestling Café patrons and the link to that show will be available to listen to/watch at this link.



Refusing to denounce racism because you’re “a performer” is such a weird hill to die on.


I don’t think these guys are obligated to say anything about it. It’s nice when they do, but saying nothing about it is better than denouncing BLM or the protests. At least AJ isn’t out here rocking blue lives matter stuff like someone else has been lately.

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Yes, but saying nothing keeps the and status quo systemic problems. You support the continuation of the racist system by saying nothing against it.


I understand not wanting to talk about it or feeling like it’s not his place. But when you get publicly called out for your silence would it not make sense to do a one-time “let me make perfectly clear where I stand on racism” statement rather than doubling down on your lack of explanation? At that point he can defer to whomever he wants and wouldn’t have to make any further statements if he doesn’t want to.


I agree completely. If you don’t want to talk too much about it, then you shouldn’t. But when asked, you should make it clear where you stand, and then explain why you did not talk too much about it.
But AJ did not even speak about his thoughts on BLM, and instead said he wasn’t going to because he is a “performer”, that’s a problem.

But are we surprised? Isn’t this flat-earth AJ?

I think he is pulling ta Jordan here “racists buy tickets too.” (Republicans buy sneakers) Taylor Swift was famous for similar in 2016 but has since changed her stance.

That said taking that stance on racism when asked about it is not all that smart.

I mean AJ seems to hang out with New Day a TON, we sure Punk isn’t full of shit? I could see Styles making a dumb, jock type jokes, but a racist? Can’t say I know for sure either way.


I agree, I’ve protested much here in Minneapolis myself. I guess it’s just not surprising. It’d be nice if AJ could do the bare minimum of like “I don’t support racism,” or something but I personally don’t need to hear that from him. If New Day respects him, Bryan respects him then I would guess he’s an ok dude overall.

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Yes. Fair. It’s just that the more white people take a strong stance, the more it helps get things moving. I’ve seen a lot of the protestors saying we’ve been trying to do this on our own for a long time and we need more help. As the movement got bigger in the last two weeks Mininopolis (sp) has said they may re-start their policing from the ground up, that was an unthinkable feat just a month ago.

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I certainly agree the more white people that take a stand the better, but you can’t bully people into it. We’ve seen stuff like that over the past five years and it only hurts the cause. Do I think AJ is a hillbilly with some backwardsFLAT headed views,? Yes. I firmly believe if you have a platform and you want to take a stand that’s great. More power to you. I don’t believe anyone has an obligation however. Unless a performer comes out and flat out agrees with punk, I’m going to assume Phil is full of shit which wouldn’t be the first time.


Let’s be careful and not use the disproved argument of: “I can’t be racist, because I have black friends”.
In 2020, people should not be buying that excuse anymore. A person’s actions, or lack thereof, speaks louder than who he/she might be friends with.

Yeah but you yourself also have to be a little careful not to make a witchhunt. Me personally, if I was a performer I can’t see myself just burying my head in the sand and saying nothing, but if somebody wants to do that I see nothing wrong with it. All I’m saying is AJ is innocent until proven guilty.I feel like guys like the new day should know him well enough they spend just as much time with these guys as their family. Just don’t find myself getting riled up because CM punk talk some shit. If it’s proven otherwise, you’ll see me on here talking about it.

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To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if it’s CM Punk or anyone else who brought it up. I personally do not believe he is guilty of anything, since assuming someone is racist (which is a strong claim) because of what that person did not say is not fair at all.

The only thing I can really ask myself is: Why would he not even give his thoughts about the issues at hand AFTER he was asked? (I understand not wanting to give his thoughts without being asked, but After you are asked?). That looks fishy to me.

Absolutely agree but what’s different here is that AJ is basically echoing his employers by saying my job is take people’s minds off of things as a performer. I can’t get too mad about it if he thinks he’s just towing the company line.
That being said I would love it if he came out today with a strong statement denouncing racism, police brutality etc. but… won’t hold my breath.

Despite AJ styles having black friends, he’s still a conservative from north Georgia that can be heard on podcasts talking about “that bitch Hillary” and being confused about toxic masculinity.


Is this the same AJ Styles who was toying with the idea of a flat earth not long ago?


AJ owes no one a statement about anything. It seems like people want a lame statement from everyone regarding this issue. So they can then label them racist when they dont say anything. Im happy that AJ is not being a sheep.


I am sure there are plenty of people who stay quiet and don’t have a racist bone in their body, while there are people makings statements left and right who are completely racist. What a celebrity says publicly means nothing to me, half of it goes through a publicist anyways.

It would be nice if AJ would say something, but I won’t condemn a person for not wanting to speak publicly about any subject.


If you think that opposing racism is being a sheep, then you have lost all credibility. You sound as if you were upset with people taking a stand against it.