AJPW's streaming service (AJPW.tv)

Here is All Japan’s streaming service which interestingly looks very similar to NJPW World. Thanks to John’s recommendation, I went out of my way to check out the first night of the Real World Tag League and I enjoyed it. Price is only 900 yen which translates to under $8 USD.

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Does this work with chromecast/have an app yet? I signed up when it first started but exclusively watching on the laptop wasn’t great for me

I have hooked up my laptop to the tv in the past. Also you can try it on an x box or PlayStation web browser.

I have also ordered the service for the first time this month. I am enjoying learning about all of these guys.

I have went back and watched some of the recommended matches from earlier in the year. Check out the Kento Miyahara vs Zeus match from last month. Also some champions carnival matches. I loved the Jun Akiyama vs Marufuji match from the tournament the most for some reason.

I don’t believe they have the capability yet for Chromecast but will keep looking at it.

You can try what video game or smart tv browser you have.

Thanks, I’ll try with the ps4 browser, if that works I’ll re-subscribe