Alan Angels confirms that his contract with AEW expired, turned down per-appearance offer

Originally published at Alan Angels confirms that his contract with AEW expired, turned down per-appearance offer

Alan Angels finishes up with AEW.

As AEW was taping out of Norcross, Georgia at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alan Angels began working with the company and soon went on to become a member of Dark Order. Angels took to social media today and confirmed that he is no longer with All Elite Wrestling as his contract has expired.

He noted that he is grateful for his time there and there are no hard feelings between himself and company President Tony Khan. He added that he would’ve loved to stay, but is excited for his future.

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— Alan Angels (@Alan_V_Angels) June 30, 2022

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp spoke to Angels about his departure from AEW and Angels was told ‘a month-and-a-half ago’ that his contract would not be renewed. He was offered a per-appearance deal which he turned down.

My contract, I was told about a month and a half ago, that they are not going to re-sign me. They did offer me a per-appearance, which I decided not to take, just solely based off what I thought was best for me. I feel there is more room to grow outside of AEW, right now, at this point in my career. It’s nothing against AEW or Tony Khan or any of the higher-ups in the business. It’s a personal thing. I feel, me going on the indies and showing people what I can really do and showing people that I am a good f*cking wrestler, I feel that will raise my stock — not saying it’s impossible to do that in AEW, but I guess the perception, how fans perceive Alan Angels, is, I’m the bottom guy in Dark Order and I feel I can change that outside of AEW. It’s possible in AEW, but I feel it would take longer. On top of that, I never got to have a great Indie career. I was on the Indies for three years, got lucky, and got scooped up. As a wrestling fan, being an Indie wrestler and doing cool ass Indie shows, that’s a thing I want to do. There are plenty of places to make money in pro wrestling right now. That’s not to say that I won’t be back in AEW, maybe I will, I don’t know, but that’s pretty much it. They offered me something, I felt it was better for me not to. That’s all it was.

Angels is 24 years of age. He is currently scheduled for West Coast Pro Wrestling’s July 8th show and ‘Warriors of Wrestling’ on July 9th. His last match as an AEW contracted talent was against Daniel Garcia at the 6/11 Dark taping.

I have a feeling that some of the talent with recently expired AEW contracts could very well end up signing ROH contracts as more organizational and content deals start getting secured. And we’ll likely see a lot of the talent featured on Dark and Dark Elevation start getting more shine in ROH as well.

Makes me curious about who starts in ROHat the top of the card, when it has more shows and possible a streaming or broadcast deal in place.