Alan Angels & Preston '10' Vance were supposed to be a duo in AEW called 'Five & Dime' before Vance got hurt

Originally published at Alan Angels & Preston '10' Vance were supposed to be a duo in AEW called 'Five & Dime' before Vance got hurt

Angels further reflects on his time in AEW.

With his time in All Elite Wrestling having come to an end, Alan Angels is now a free agent and has wrestled on a handful of independent shows since finishing up with the company. He made his IMPACT Wrestling debut in his home state of Georgia and challenged for the X Division Championship.

Angels looked back on his time with AEW during his appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast.

Angels signed with AEW in 2020. He shared that the original idea for him was to be paired with Preston ’10’ Vance and they were going to be called ‘Five & Dime’ but as Angels was being brought into the fold, Vance underwent surgery.

So he was already having his TNT run if it wasn’t already over. I’m not too sure but, yeah, that was kind of the original idea and I don’t think it ever got to take off like it could have. I think it could have been a really cool thing. But yeah, that was kind of the thought process at the beginning was it was gonna be ‘Five and Dime’. That was gonna be the tag team.

He spoke about his experiences working with the late Jon Huber (Brodie Lee). Angels touched on how helpful Huber was and mentioned that he does not think Huber was initially too keen on doing the Being The Elite skits, but he ended up enjoying it.

Oh yeah, he definitely would like — he would watch all of our matches and give us advice and all that stuff. When I say ‘us’, I mean The Dark Order. But, he was one of those guys that you could ask him anything. Even if you weren’t in The Dark Order, if you asked him, he would watch your match and he would give back to the younger guys in general, not just The Dark Order but, yeah, he definitely did help all of us in The Dark Order, especially once we started doing the B.T.E. stuff. He was giving too — he wasn’t too hyped about it at first. I don’t think he really wanted to do it at first, you know, because he’s this big scary character but the way that we did it I think made it work for him to where he did end up enjoying it.

Angels’ IMPACT debut aired on the July 7th episode of their weekly program on AXS and to get a recap of that show, head over to this link.

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