Aleister Black, Andrade & Zelina Vega Moving To SmackDown

Via Pro Wrestling Sheets

I like Black Solo on Smackdown and you might as well do the Andrade/Balor feud

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I like this move. I think Andrade would have fallen so fast on Raw and I’m a fan of Black & Ricochet going back solo.

Now if only they’d change The Viking Experience back to the War Raiders.

This ‘shakeup’ has been a clusterfuck from start to finish. Good news for these three though, it makes much more sense to have them in SD.

This prove that they should have consulted with Fox before doing some of the change they did last week. They are pretty much at the mercy of the network executive right on both USA and Fox which pretty tell you why the product as been so stale for the past few years. But that will become a bigger problem for them down the road since they can’t really do anything without have somebody from Fox or USA giving them the o.k and we how wrestling company do when non wrestling people start giving input on the product.

We already saw it with USA as it’s pretty much because of them that raw is 3 hours every monday as pretty much everybody in WWE was against it but that’S what USA wanted so WWE gave them what they wanted because they are paying big money for the product. That’s pretty much what’s happening with this situation. FOX wanted Andrate and Zelina on Smackdown so since Fox is paying big money for the show, they gave them what they wanted, as for Aleister, it’s pretty much just because he’s married to Zelina and they don’t want to split up married couple. If it wasn’T for that, he would still be on raw.

Like anyone on Fox knows who Andrade and Vega are…let alone thinking they’re that much of a priority to “force” WWE to bring them back.

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People who matter at Fox do know who they are and they know they’re latino, so important to them for Fox Deportes. The ProWrestlingSheet article is one of the few reports not detailing this aspect:

Where in the article does it say Fox said to do this? It proves nothing. That’s literally asserting an assumption to a story that makes no connection to said assumption.

EDIT: the Sheet post doesn’t mentioned Fox. PW Insider did. I stand corrected

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Charlotte wanting her man on the same brand and him needing his manager thus bringing back the hubby with her is more plausible than an outside source saying they need some tokens because…Spanish channel.

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Literally the opposite of tokenism. Both are completely plausible and perfectly good reasons for the move.

Via @TheBradShepard on Twitter

I spoke to a source in #WWE about Andrade being moved to #SDLive, after originally being drafted to #RAW. I’m told the reason is because Charlotte used her pull to request the change. Special consideration is usually given to married or engaged couples, and they’re engaged.

When the hell did they become engaged?


Does anyone think this roster is the one to debut on FOX?
For one, I fully expect John Cena will be back for that launch. I suspect Becky on the show. And I wouldn’t be surprised if another name or two are brought in by then to load up on star power. Even for abbreviated runs.