Alex Zayne suffers ruptured globe, undergoes surgery

Originally published at Alex Zayne suffers ruptured globe, undergoes surgery

Alex Zayne undergoes surgery for a ruptured globe and to remove glass from his eye.

Jimmy Lloyd and Alex Zayne met in a ‘Do Or Die’ deathmatch at GCW’s ‘The Coldest Winter’ show on February 26th. Coming out of the show, Zayne had to undergo surgery.

He first had to get stitches for a gash on his right arm. During the match, he suffered a ruptured globe. The Kellogg Eye Center via University of Michigan’s health system describes the injury as followed:

A ruptured globe is a serious eye injury. Both the sclera and cornea are usually damaged in a ruptured globe. The sclera is the white part of the eye. The cornea is the clear curved window in the front of the eye. Its main job is to help focus light as it enters the eyes. A ruptured globe is caused by trauma like a car accident. The sclera and/or cornea of the eye tear or rupture as a result of the trauma. A ruptured globe requires immediate evaluation by an eye doctor and emergency surgery.

In addition to that, glass had to be removed from Zayne’s eye. He provided a post-surgery update and noted that his doctor told him that the surgery went well but there is no timetable for his recovery.

Update: they had to give me some stitches before they could move forward on the eye situation.

Have a Ruptured Globe, heading into surgery for that and to, of course, remove the glass from my eye.

Should be in there soon. Thanks to everyone who has reached out. #GCWColdest

— Alex Zayne (fka Ari Sterling) (@AlexZayneSauce) February 27, 2022

Update: I’m out of surgery, drowsy af, someone drugged my Baja blast.

Doc said it went well. Time will tell.

Thank you all so much for all the love and well wishes.🙏

These peanut butter crackers taste nothing like Taco Bell.

— Alex Zayne (fka Ari Sterling) (@AlexZayneSauce) February 27, 2022

Over the past year, Zayne competed for GCW, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, WWE, Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.