Alexa Bliss and her new gimmick

I love Alexa Bliss in this new gimmick to death! She’s a proven all-rounder; she can talk, she can act, and she can wrestle, although she is kind of like Daphne.


The Harley Quinn gimmick is on point. I’m sure Alexa likes it but it would be even better without the Fiend. His feud and matches have, for the most part, been really bad.

Alexa Bliss is ultra talented and has been a diamond in the rough when it comes to talent from NXT that have been exceptional on the main roster.

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If anything, I think that adding Alexa Bliss with her new Harley Quinn gimmick has rejuvenated The Fiend because now, it adds a whole new dynamic to the character that you can feed. It certainly will extend The Fiend’s shelf life, something that might not have been possible hadn’t they finally gone ahead with that angle (something that Alexa Bliss has pitched when she came on the main roster in 2016)

There’s no denying that Alexa is doing her absolute best character work of her career at the moment. For all the praise that the 4HW have been getting for their in-ring work, I feel like Alexa has been so much more consistent with her character work compared to them and that’s why she always finds herself in important angles and never sitting on the sidelines.

Her in ring has not been bad by any stretch. I think of her performance at Elimination Chamber + her match with Rousey, she uses her body very well.

Oh yeah it’s good for him, not sure it’s good for her.

Oh, I didn’t imply that her in-ring work was bad or anything. Just saying that she’s always been more focused on doing stuff in the ring or in promos that fitted her character more than focusing on delivering on workrate. Indeed, what she did at Elimination Chamber was great and she did handle herself solidly with Ronda Rousey, despite the injuries she suffered against her.

How so? What would you prefer to see her do right now instead of that?

I like the gimmick, but I think it would’ve been better on somebody else. Alexa is a terrible actress. Don’t get me wrong, this is pretty hard to pull off, but I don’t think she does it all. I had much higher hopes for the storyline.

I mean I guess it depends on where her health stands. Being with the fiend doesn’t set her up directly for a women’s program. But she was not being used that way anyway so I don’t think it hurts her.

Harley Quinn on her own.

Nothing says that eventually, she’ll break off on her own and keep the same character but right now, I like where they’re going with this.