All Elite Wrestling announces Double or Nothing, New Talent


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The All Elite Wrestling rally kicked off with Conrad Thompson and Alex Marvez as the hosts of the press conference.

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky came out first and confirmed by Thompson as being signed by All Elite Wrestling. Daniels said they became free agents at the end of 2018 and opted to sign with All Elite Wrestling. The cheerleaders for the Jaguars came on stage and left with SCU.

Cody came out next, he said that historically pro wrestlers were the least paid and they are going to change that in AEW and the wrestling economy. Cody said wins and losses will matter as they’ve never mattered before, there won’t be a pre-programmed grid to sway fans to cheer or boo certain people and then he introduced his fellow Executive Vice Presidents, the Young Bucks.

Matt Jackson said they were approached by the Khan family and were asked if they wanted to change the world and they could help. They don’t care about race, religion, or gender, their doors are open. Matt mentioned the talent in China from OWE and they have made an agreement with CIMA to bring in their talent.

They announced “Double or Nothing” will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, May 25th in Las Vegas.

Brandi Rhodes was introduced as the Chief Brand Officer. She said there would be a women’s division and is talking to women across the world mentioning her tours of Japan with Stardom and to Australia. There will be equal pay for the women and then introduced Dr. Britt Baker, who has signed. The Baker signing was reported last week by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Conrad Thompson was interrupted by MJF, who insulted Thompson with a face for podcasting and made fat jokes. They chanted “asshole” at him and he insulted Jacksonville. The mascot for the Jaguars came on stage and the heel shtick continued. This led to Joey Janela and Penelope Ford walking onto the stage to announce they are “All Elite”.

Hangman Page was next and said this is his first day on the job and his bosses are the fans and will work his hardest to make this a success. He says he will be the first AEW champion in 2019. He is interrupted by PAC, in his tights with the Open the Dream Gate title. He said he is already a champion and Page couldn’t lace his boots.

Cody and The Young Bucks returned on stage with Cody announcing their second show will be in Jacksonville, Florida with proceeds going to victims of gun violence.

The final appearance is Chris Jericho, he says he is all in with All Elite Wrestling. He isn’t here for the money but to do something different and new. He is a maverick and a pariah. He said he would be at Double or Nothing in May and added they aren’t here to change the world, but to change the whole “universe”.


So with Conrad Thompson working with AEW, does this mean “Something Else To Wrestle with” on WWE Network is cancelled?


Joey Janella!
And I went to school with MJF’s sister so very excited to see him there.

Honestly the biggest surprise is Janella who has those Game Changer shows booked.

Great first impression IMO


Having pyro at this was a little much, but I thought this had a lot of positive take-aways.

Very surprised that PAC is on board for this. CIMA and company (All Hearts) coming in is really cool too; Young Bucks remembering their Dragon Gate connections.


Only real name they have is Jericho.

And he barely did anything for New Japan…I’m sure he’ll be as part time as Brock IF this promotion gets a tv deal.


Yes, I don’t expect Jericho to be a regular on the level of the core four. He will likely still be doing New Japan dates, and definitely still has Fozzy and other priorities outside of wrestling. Still, him willing to wrestle for a North American company that isn’t WWE is a big 180 from what he’s said in the past.


I’m really excited for this. I am hoping for the best. I’m all in.


Cima, Snack Pines, Pac…

yep this is the shit. greatest day in the history of our sport


Jericho needs a promotion/wrestlers for his cruise, it’s almost like he had to join AEW


The only negative for me is Conrad Thompson. He will try to fuck someone over in no time.


Does Conrad have a history of this?


Does Conrad have any involvement in AEW other than promoting Starrcast II? I wouldn’t be too worried if that is all he is doing. The first Starrcast was a pretty cool and fun event. I am a loyal listener of Conrad Thompson’s podcasts as well but I can see why people get annoyed with him. Some of his success seems to have gone to his head, and the Patreon accounts that are set up for his podcasts don’t give you anywhere near the value you get here at Post Wrestling.


The Jericho move is huge, and I like the OWE partnership but this whole thing dragged badly at points.

Also not a big fan of them deciding to have a women’s division right off the bat because I’m not sure there’s a whole lot of talent available.

Running Vegas on Memorial Day is also a little questionable because all the hotels jack up rates that weekend.

The TV deal (if there is one) will be a difference maker. The roster has some good pieces (PAC, MJF, etc) and I’m looking forward to what’s next.


Its a no win situation for them with the women right now. If they don’t have a womens division, all the snowflakes will get on their back about it and say they arent giving the women a chance and whatever.

If they do have one, it looks inferior to other companies, because a lot of the top women talent are taken.

I’m sure there are some half decent women out there in the indys.