All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan, NXT UK TakeOver | Café Hangout LIVE (1/10/19)


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John Pollock and Wai Ting talk about the latest involving All Elite Wrestling, including president Tony Khan’s interview on X-Pac 12360.

We’re joined by a number of callers discussing Saturday’s NXT UK TakeOver, WWE’s Worlds Collide Tournament, and MJfromNJ tells us how we did in our Elite-themed Likely/Unlikely game from earlier this year.

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When talking about sports streaming services, Wai asked about what sort of deal MLB set up with TV networks. And the simple answer is blackouts. You cannot watch your local team play live.

I live in the middle of Ohio and root for the Reds. MLB will not allow me to watch Reds games because I live in an area in which they have a TV deal with FoxSportsOhio. If I move to, say Iowa, where that channel is not available, I can stream every Reds game I want. Well, not really. I still wouldn’t be able to watch them play the Cubs, White Sox, Brewers, Twins, Cardinals, and Royals because all these teams are blacked-out in the entire state.

But don’t worry, you can watch the entire game, about 2-3 hours after it is over. The customer service rep seemed to think that was better than watching live.