All In: Zero Hour draws 196,000 viewers

From the Wrestling Observer

It fell almost exactly in between what a typical Impact episode on Pop TV and a Lucha Underground episode on the El Rey Network would do, but both of those shows air in prime time. Last week’s Impact drew 225,000 viewers, and their lowest total for the year is 168,000.

Zero Hour averaged a 0.08 rating in the important 18-49 demo and finished 85th for the day in that demo on all of cable TV.

To me that seems like a disappointment

Not bad for a superstation like WGN.

I thought people were crazy to think they’d get over 150K, so to me that is definitely a success.

Looks solid to me. I’ve had DirecTV for 3 years now and never realized I had WGN until a week before the show so I doubt the station is watched much. I do see they air Cops 24/7 so I bet this is a big success compared to that.

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All I watched was this. After looking into the crowd I am certain John Mayer has had sex with more women than every other man combined in attendance at All In.


There’s rumors John Mayer has a huge cock, maybe there will be a triple threat at All In 2 between Hangman, Joey Ryan & John Mayer.

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Thats not a disappointing number for WGN. But I wouldn’t say its a HUGE number. Bottom line, I doubt WGN is mad about those results.

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I think it’s a pretty good number for a pre show in the 5cst time slot. It’s on par with an average being the elite episode.

I bet if you put that up for free on youtube they would get more viewers. Wonder how much they got paid to for that by WGN or if they did get paid for it.

This made me LOL. I didn’t attend All In, but I was there for all 4 days of Starrcast. I would say at least 85% of the attendees were men over 30. Cody and The Bucks definitely need to work on building a female and younger fan base if they continue on with this product.

Watched the twitch stream of the Starrcast. My god have any of these guys seen a gym in there lives? I have never seen a larger gathering of giant bellies with bony shoulders and skinny arms in my life. The only people there who looked to be in any shape or who have ever groomed before in their lives were the wrestlers. All the wrestlers looked like greek gods compared to literally ever fan in there.

I felt embarrassed to be a fan just watching all of those people. I know wrestling fans have a reputation by not to that degree. All of these fans need to be inspired to just better themselves. I don’t think I saw a single fan there who looked like they have ever had sex before.

There were some people in shape there. Frank The Clown and Brock Lesnar guy were there. They don’t have bellies.

What about Squared Circle guy, green shirt guy or long hair guy & his mom

Seriously just watch the twitch cast. Matt Striker and Alicia Atout walk around interviewing fans and not one fan looks like the same species as these two.

I imagine this is who shows up at any kind of hardcore convention for anything.

Their last episode of Being the Elite hasn’t even broken 150k views yet. You really think they would get 196k in a single concurrent viewing? There isn’t a chance. Not to mention they won’t make near as much on youtube as whatever WGN paid them (I doubt it was much from WGN but I am sure WGN got what they wanted out of it). Intentionally trying to build a fanbase is stupid. Thats how the WWE became the mess it is now.

The Bucks are popular cause they are what they are, take it or leave it. If they don’t have as many female fans as WWE, who cares. If they really see it as an issue they will probably bring in a stronger female presence to Being the Elite. They do have Brandi in there some but there are no female wrestlers in New Japan and ROH only recently started to build its women’s division. It will probably get there but it has to happen organically or what made All-In what it is will be lost and then whats the point?

A first time wrestling show, with no mainstream stars, on a Saturday at 6pm/3pm with competition against college football did 200,000 viewers and you consider that a disappointment?


Thank you!
Add to the fact that their vehicles of promotion basically was an echo chamber as they were mostly reaching an audience who already was all in. The PPV number is way more interesting (PPV + FITE buys + new Honor Club subs).

Nothing at 6/5/3pm does ratings on college football saturdays. Just getting onto WGN when no prior deal existed was a win. I don’t think anyone should expect this to translate to real TV success by normal measures. However, when Barstool sports got on ESPN and ran their one and only show it was considered a huge success purely because people tuned in at an absurd hour and that brand and those personalities brought eyeballs. Sometimes a TV network just wants new eyeballs otherwise not turning to their network to flip it on. (seek out the story about this for an awesome “life is wrestling” storyline)

I think we have an answer for whether long-form BTE eps have as much appeal as shorter 15/25 min eps. Consider the 47 min ep would translate to an hour of real tv. Granted it’s not as much a normal BTE as it’s behind the scenes ep, but still.

The people shitting on the success of all in have a weird ax to grind

What exactly are people saying about All In that you would consider “shitting on”?

One guy said the fans were all non-human incels.

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