All Out Main Event

I know John and Wah said that they still believed that Hangman and Omega was still the main event for All Out. The reason I had asked was I remember reading somewhere that with the signing of Punk and Danielson, they were having to change some future plans around and then I read this this morning…

What’s everyone’s thought on this? Not saying it’s true but it is interesting

As long as Hangman is the guy to ultimately dethrone Omega I don’t have a problem with it.

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But can they stretch out the Page-Omega storyline for 3 more months until the ppv after All Out?

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And, if true, does a Punk or Danielson loss to Omega hurt them at all?

I think it is going to be Christian vs Omega. I remember Tony Khan saying when Miro signed, that it wouldn’t make sense for him to come in during the middle of their “season” and automatically compete for a title.

If Punk or Danielson walked right in and challenged it would make no sense.

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Not at all. But I don’t think there’s any chance either guy challenges for the title instantly after they come in.

I do think it’s possible to delay the Page win but again he has to be the guy who beats Omega

Agree I could see them going the Christian direction as well. He’s been built up as undefeated and should have his chance to challenge. At this point you can rope-a-dope the fans for another year with Page chasing the belt and we will clamour for it. As stated above, as long as it is eventually Page to kick out of the OWA and dethrone Omega, nobody will complain. When it finally happens it will be absolutely chaotic. In the mean time he can take on a role as leader of the Dark Order and help build those guys up.

Neither Danielson nor Punk needs to challenge for the belt. They are already top guys without even debuting. So long as we are getting matches like Danielson vs. Guevara or Punk vs. Darby (and the accompanying promos), is anyone even gonna notice if there is a belt involved? Cage makes the most sense.

It won’t be Punk because he’s with Darby for All Out, I felt like they’ve been building for Christian Cage vs Jungleboy after Cage losses a TV match to Omega. I heard Alvarez make this point that a lot of us have grown up with WWE booking and aren’t patient so you can hold off Hangman until 2022 but I just don’t see them having Page not do that match for All Out, I think it’s still Page vs Omega even if he losses in the end

As long as Omega and Hangman happens at All Out or Arthur Ashe I’m going to be fine. I’ll be extremely gutted to travel for both and miss that match as the story is in the pantheon of BTE/Elite story telling up there with Golden Lovers, Cody vs. Kenny, etc.

I’ve long said that Omega / Page should be main eventing Full Gear. I was very surprised that they started building for All Out.

I have absolutely zero doubt the story will conclude with Hangman winning the AEW Championship.

I am sure they’ll have something of interest set up for All Out. Punk’s in ring return will overshadow everything that weekend, assuming it’s happening - so save the moment for Page to when the story will all be about him.

They had to change it with Daniel Bryan

I assume Bryan’s first match is versus Omega. So Omega needs the title heading into the Arthur Ashe show. They probably stretch Omega out a little until Page dethrones him

The only thing I question about either Punk or Bryan coming in and challenging Omega for the Championship is a) they will likely be putting Omega over, and b) throwing their entire ranking system out the window.

I have a hard time seeing either scenario.

There is tons of time to get to the Bryan and Punk Dream Matches, with Omega and many others.

That does leave up a question of the All Out Main Event.

I’m really down on it being Christian. I could see a scenario where they hear up Kazarian enough. Darby could get into the picture as well, and give us another great match.

Or could see see a Bucks & Omega six man. I saw somebody propose Bucks & Omega vs Hangman, Punk and Darby.


I think they go Christian/Omega at All Out and also have Punks debut vs Darby as the main event.

As for Bryan, I don’t see him coming in and getting a title shot. Personally I would like to see shaved head American Dragon ass kicker Bryan Danielson take on Orange Cassidy and force Orange to get more serious during the feud.

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Punk beats Darby. Punk takes TNT title off Miro. Darby reclaims the TNT title in a long chase beating Punk on a TNT Quarterly special in 2022

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I really love Punk and Bryan coming in, but I am really battling with what should be done here. I originally thought it was too soon for Omega/Hangman, but then I really started getting into it over the last few weeks and desperately want to see it now. So it sucks they are not going with it, but I can live with it, if the story keeps being awesome.

I definitely want to see Punk or Bryan vs Omega, but it makes no sense in how the company has been running if they come in and just get a title shot. Neither of them should win the title right away and Omega should only lose it to Hangman.

I think what I would like to see, is the Bucks come out and run their mouths about how they’ve beat every one in AEW and they challenge anyone to “come through the forbidden door” to challenge them at All Out. Its Punk and Bryan.

So we get Christian/Omega for the title and then the main event of All Out is Young Bucks/Punk & Bryan.

For me it wouldn’t hurt Danielson it would hurt Punk. To some extent it depends on how they are portrayed but the top Punk character was “best in the world” so losing out of the gate doesn’t work well with that.

Sometimes though you need to strike when the iron is hot. For certain people it makes sense for them to debut and go right after the title because they’re huge stars.

Think of hulk hogan in WCW also think of when Brett came and how he didn’t go for the title and it slowed his momentum.

For instance if Roman reigns debuted you would expect that he would go for the title right away because he’s a bigger star than anyone else they have in AEW. Similarly, Bryan is probably a bigger star than anyone else.

In the case of Bryan I feel like when he debuts the money match is with omega and if you hold it off too long you could soften it because you have other people like hangman page etc. that are waiting. I think most fans are going to be clamouring to see Bryan and Omega and I’d make it right away and I would deliver it, without necessarily a conclusive ending and that allows them to move Omega into other programs and Bryan as well but give them that rematch potential and let the fans feel like they got what they wanted.

Imagine the next PPV after this one headlined by Bryan’s first match vs Omega. It would be massive.

With Punk vs Darby you don’t need a big title match this go and could do Christian Cage

I’m just guessing. But, one of the "5 trials of Jericho " should be a submission match. Against Brian Danielson. Obviously, not a main event at All Out. But a great introduction

That doesn’t make sense. Then you would need to have Bryan tap out to Jericho which would kill any momentum. If you want to present Daniel Bryan as a huge star you need to have him come out and be involved in the high profile matches, not tapping out on his first night at dynamite.

My thoughts exactly.

I just don’t know what Page can do on All Out. He definitely should be on the card somewhere.

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