All Out price drop??

I just ordered All Out on Fite for $29.99 CDN. Has anybody else seen it at this price point?

Definitely a welcome price drop. I expect them to be trying to break their all time but records with this show, so it makes sense for the drop.


You got a deal, I payed 50 Canadian UGH lol

Im not sure what it normally is in the US tbh. I always VPN into the UK and get it for $20.

I haven’t checked any recent prices. I used to just order the shows through B/R Live, but that service was taken behind the woodshed.

Just corrected my original post - as autocorrect made it say Fire, not Fite.

I was very surprised when I saw the price. Double checked and it came to 32. CDN after taxes.

I’m tempted to order but I really want to see the card. I wonder what pre-orders for this are like as really the card is pretty weak and it’s purely speculative.

I really thought we were going to see omega versus page, MJF versus Jericho and thunder Rosa versus Britt.

None of these are likely to happen.

As of right now I really don’t care about omega versus cage. I mean there is no way Christian beats him and if he does that’s completely stupid. Nobody has ever and will ever care about Christian as a main event talent.

Surprisingly Jericho and MJF is happening today so who knows about the rematch so soon.

Britt is sadly facing that alien character who has no hope of winning. Or at least she shouldn’t.

They are likely doing the young bucks versus pentagon and Phoenix that should be a good match except I’ve already seen this match many times including live.

Pac vs Andrade could be good but Andrade hasn’t been great lately.

I assume we’re getting punk versus Darby . Again not a match I’m terribly looking forward to as I am not a big CM punk fan but it’s something.

It’s also very possible we get Mox vs Tanahashi but I’ll believe it when I see it. Tanahashi seems locked in with Ibushi and possibly Archer. I think it happens at another PPV.

However nothing really jumps out at me as being a great here. It’s easily the weakest Main event they’ve had, and I’m surprised they wouldn’t have done Jericho and MJF then.

It just seems like it’s pay-per-view is designed to wait things out a little bit until we get the omega versus page and Britt versus thunder Rosa matches at another PPV. Also likely Mox vs Tana at another PPV.

Literally seems like he’s pay-per-view is all about if you like CM Punk want to see him wrestle.

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Pretty much agree with all of this, except I do really want to see Punk vs Darby. The main event is a big letdown for me, especially after just watching it on Friday.

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