All-women's promotion BellaDonna Division's 'Coronation' show to air on FITE

Originally published at All-women's promotion BellaDonna Division's 'Coronation' show to air on FITE

A new all-women’s promotion’s first event is streaming on FITE.

The all-women’s promotion ‘BellaDonna Division’ hosted their ‘Coronation show on January 15th in Gadsden, Alabama. Involved with the show was AEW’s Aubrey Edwards, IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace, Ivelisse, Renee Michelle and IMPACT talent Lady Frost among others. The January 15th event was taped and it will air on FITE this coming Friday.

At the start of the show, there was a ten-bell salute for the late Shannon ‘Daffney’ Spruill, who passed away in September 2021.

The promotion is set to crown a BellaDonna Division Wrestling Champion. It is not known how the first champion will be determined.

For Daffney. Forever. The @BelladonnaDivis Forbidden Elegance Championship. #womenswrestling #RIPDaffney

— Hardy Wrestling Podcast (@hardywrestlepod) January 16, 2022

💪Women's wrestling is back in the spotlight.

👩@BelladonnaDivis is the all-female promotion that is scorching the world.

👑Who will be the Forbidden Elegance Champ?

With some of the biggest and best names in wrestling.

— FITE (@FiteTV) January 16, 2022

Ten bell salute with candles lit for the late, legendary Shannon Spruil at @BelladonnaDivis Coronation in Gadesden, AL on 1/15/22 #RIPDaffney

— The Indy Wrestling Experience (@Indywrestlingxp) January 17, 2022

Their next event is scheduled for April 16th in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Rachael Ellering is appearing on that show.