Amazing "Ringer" article - The Triumph of ‘All In’ Is Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Underdog Story

The Ringer posted this incredible story of Dusty and Cody Rhodes relationship leading up to all in.

Read with a box of tissues nearby.


For all the no-selling The Masked Man of All In, and the lack of knowledge they seemed to have about the ground swell of it (disappointing because I am a huge Ringer mark)…this Mike Piellucci has written two of the best pieces on pro wrestling of the year. For those who missed it earlier this year: here is the Cody article he did.

the All In story is a perfect follow up.

(Also SI did some good coverage and write-ups of the weekend)

My impressions of David Shoemakers (The Masked Man) commentary prior to All In is that he was awkwardly responding to the hype by tempering his expectations.

He does this a lot whether right or wrong. I did see a lot of predictions prior to All In of being the greatest, most important show ever and others on the opposite side that it was a blip on the radar for indie wrestling (aka the trolling point of view). The success of All In was always going to fall somewhere in the middle.

Shoemaker and the Ringer wrestling coverage doesn’t go far enough into the Indies as I think it should. The site should look to cover all aspects or all culture; even ESPN covers Major Indy news.
Yes this article is fabulous and the Cody one in the spring was but it’s not even by a full time Rinfer staffer. They should have done something of a G1 coverage similar to POST.

I like shoemaker and his book is great, but I had to give up the pod.

I always felt like he had relationships with the wee and never gave his actual opinions

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