An honest question regarding Seth Rollins' promos

All three have good in ring ability.

Roman clearly has the best look and size of the bunch. He got over huge at the rumble against Batista.

All three could have been and are big stars. But only Roman had the ability to be the next face of the company like Cena etc

Do you remember WHY he was so over at the end of said Rumble?

He doesn’t have the Mic skills that Cena did. I think if Ambrose looked like he does now and was booked well he could have been the face of the company. That said Lesner has killed everyone who could have been face of the company.

Ambrose should have been the money maker in the Shield. Reigns and Rollins arent as good at talking. If he was ever allowed to be serious in WWE he would have blown up big time.

Hey that is fair, I was following from a distance when The Shield debuted and not having seen the indies or NXT to that point I thought on first impressions alone that Ambrose was the most complete wrestler.

I didn’t follow ROH, had no idea about most indie promotions like, CZW. where I would have had exposure to any of the three.

I thought Rollins with his skunk striped hair looked like a bit of a tool but his quick moving offence put him above Reigns who I found to be the big slow enforcer of the team and that has never been my favorite gimmick in the stable.

I totally agree that when it came to the WWE’s main event, Ambrose didn’t check the boxes that Vince tends to covet. He was small, he was messy, he looked a bit whacked out. .

Samoa Joe! Yes!

I forgot about him because he has been hurt for so long and he is always booked so poorly. The man has champion written all over him and could have an amazing run with any title you give him. He can make a title meaningful, I’d say hand him the IC title and make mid-carders chase him and that way you could uncover some face potential or create a new baby-face.

He is on SD right?

Not sure, he was injured since before the Draft, I think.

And it doesn’t matter, as he’s so beat up they’ll never put a World title on him (seems to me he is nursing injury every other month. Makes me wonder how many days will they add to his contract one day). He also had the IC or the US title around Mania for a month or so. Suffice to say they did nothing with him. I love his promos, but when after his words he’s getting Bray Wyatted, I sorta lost interest in watching his programs. I love his promos, but it makes me sad for what follows.

Out of the three Shield members, he is the most talented in the ring. On the mic, I don’t like any of them. Reigns is probably the easiest to deal with as he doesn’t say much.

It’s obvious they should turn him heel, the question is against who? Kevin Owens?


I like that idea!

This is it. You really don’t need to over think this.

A good actor can make garbage sound decent. It’s not even a knock against Seth because it’s a talent that most don’t have. He’s being asked to do something he’s not great at.

I mean Natalie Portman in Star-wars might dispute your claim that a good actor can make anything sound good. Bad lines are bad lines no matter who reads them. It is a double whammy of him not being a great actor, and having crap for material.

The problem with Seth is he is a top guy who is afraid to be his own top guy. The writing sucks. The creative is bad. But name another top guy who didn’t take the mantel and run with it their own way. Look no further than Roman Reigns as to what happens with a guy in that position doesn’t do anything but what they are told. Becky Lynch ran her mouth everywhere to get her character over. Seth just reaks of corporate bullshit. And when he cuts promos it just comes out as corporate branded shit


[quote=“Breng77, post:31, topic:7539”]
I mean Natalie Portman in Star-wars might dispute your claim that a good actor can make anything sound good.
[/quote] to

I think she gave up during those movies but maybe some writing is beyond saving

But I did say a good actor could make garbage sound ok. Calling the writing from episodes 1-3 garbage is probably being generous.

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I strangely quite enjoyed him berating the roster last night. Maybe he could just do that now instead. He can come out every week and point out that Rowan isn’t do anything of use or how Mcintyre just seems to wander in and out of other people’s angles for no reason.

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Seth’s phrase also doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t punctuate a promo very well. Burn what down? How can you want to “burn it down” while also claiming to be the company guy?

It does feel like it would work if he was a heel and his goal was to burn it down, ‘it’ in this case being whatever the status quo is for Raw…

So he is burning down Raw by taking apart people, destroying what is, and rebuilding it the way ‘he’ believes it should be. But I think the gimmick requires Bray Wyatt levels of acting chops to pull off and could be too close to The Field in execution.

Does what? Make any sense? Does Yes!! Make any sense?

Wrestling fans don’t care if it makes sense. If it rolls off the tongue easy and they have beer it will get over

‘What?’ makes sense. Though I think your point is overtime even if a fan doesn’t understand the origin or context of a chant they seldom care as long as they can be part of it, and it is easy for them to be.

Austin used to say ‘What!?’ during promos with Vince. Then the fans took it over and it became a way for fans to point out when a talent is doing a promo when extensive pauses between sentences.

I don’t recall the origin of ‘Yes’ but it has evolved to be a way for Bryan to get the fans behind him but Bryan also doesn’t always get ‘Yes’ chants going.

‘Burn it down’ is simple but wasn’t organic. There aren’t many new babyfaces and/or heels that are getting catch phrases over on the main roster. The Uso’s had theirs but they are sitting at home riding out Jimmy’s punishment, and I am worried that WWE could wind up bringing them back with a crappy gimmick like their old face paint days.

NXT is a different beast: Velveteen Dream, Matt Riddle, The Undisputed Era (especially Adam Cole) they all have gotten their catch phrases over organically but then again NXT doesn’t seem to require their talent force feed marketing phrases to fans in every promo.

I still don’t know how “If you smell what The Rock is cooking” actually got over…

Charisma and delivery. I mean the man is the most successful actor to come out of pro wrestling for a reason.