An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Bailey is overrated and consistently looks sloppy in the ring, she needs more time back in NXT to work on her consistency and move set.


AJ Styles’ babyface character is really boring.


I don’t think it’s that bad, and I’m sure many people will agree, but the Zig Zag has to be the worst. Maybe there is some kind of whiplash effect or something, I don’t know. It looks awful though.


Haven’t watched the video version of the show but the audio version is incredible.


Virtually every wrestler’s character is really boring as a babyface and are so much more interesting as heel. The biggest wrestling cliche imo is “they are so much better as a heel”. Watch even when Finn and Bailey turn heel everyone will be talking how much better they are as heels. If Miz were to turn babyface everyone would talk about how boring he is now and needs to turn back heel. Hell, if you were a babyface wrestler everyone would think your promos and character are boring.

Seriously what babyface character currently in the WWE isn’t boring and they wouldn’t be more interesting as a heel?


I 100% agree. Today the hardest thing to be is a babyface. Especially in WWE where they have a lot of constraints on them and are then put in front of an audience of 10K+ every week in an era where its impossible to make everyone happy.

If a wrestler is even a semi-decent babyface and can get 60% of an audience on their side then they should stay babyface because many wrestlers just can’t do it and stay interesting for an extended period of time. A character can go back and forth from heel-to-face a couple of times to freshen things up. But after that they quickly turn into a flip/flopping caricature of themselves like Big Show or Ziggler who can’t keep straight what part they are supposed to play on any given night.

And this is hardly unique to wrestling. Superheroes are very often said to be the weakest part of their movies. Instead it’s the villain that drives the story. If a babyface is uninteresting I blame the heel a lot more. The solution isn’t to turn the good face but to create a more interesting and personal feud with the heel.


Well that’s why they should let the fans have the handful of faces that they want. It doesn’t have to be the ‘top dude’. And really what’s the easiest way to be a popular face? Simple. Catch phrase that fans want to chant. You or they might say ‘where’s the money?’. Well, crank those Yes shirts out, or Rusev Day or New Day Rocks and let the fans have those guys. They don’t need to also be at the top of the card, but if Zack Ryder’s got an army on YouTube, then I’m going to take advantage of that as a company. It seems like their #1 metric is ‘who has the most T-shirt sales to 8 year olds?’ Hey, if Cena is dominating this, then we can’t turn him. If Reigns has the 8 years olds and females on ‘Lockdown’ (I’m borrowing that Usos), then he has to stay on that side.

This doesn’t mean that the ‘faces’ have to win all the time either. Beat them the hell down quite a bit to build even more sympathy.

Faces are ‘easy’ to create. Let the fans do it. I will agree that the ‘top face’ may be a little more difficult. Good thoughts guys.


Sami Zayn was someone who was a perfect baby face but they didn’t want to do anything with him for whatever reason. It’ll be interesting to see how they fuck up Johnny Gargano when he gets called up.


Easy - By putting him on 205 Live. My popular opinion that doesn’t belong in this thread is that Gargano should be left in NXT for a couple of years and be the face of the brand the same way that Sami and Finn were.


I’ve posted this sentiment elsewhere and while I don’t love the booking of him I’m coming out and saying that Roman is great for business in a way that makes fans look dumb for hating him


Bobby Eaton sucked. Though a nice hand in the ring, he had a horrible look, less charisma than any wrestler I have ever seen and absolutely no mic skills.The only way to make him bearable outside of being a total jobber was to put him in a tag team with Jim Cornette as their manager. Saying he was good in the midnight express is liking saying tuna is good. It’s only good if you put it with lots of mayonnaise and relish to drown out how bad it is by itself.

If you listen to smart marks and radio shows back in the early 90’s they were saying he deserves a big push over guys like Luger and Sid. If you think he deserved anything more than he was in wrestling you clearly don’t understand wrestling.

(Dude didn’t have Benoit-like skills in the ring. He was above avergage as a worker at best)


i never understood what the big deal was with gargano. Yes he’s a good wrestler for a cruiserweight but his selling his horrible and relies too much on false finishes to get praises that his matches were awesome. I think he should remain on NXT for the rest of his career because at less there he’s a big fish in a small pound, as soon as they call up, he’s toast because he just doesn’t have the personality or even the size to be believable against pretty much anybody on the main roster outside of the 205 live guys.


Wrestling deserves to never be mainstream again.


Don’t worry…never going to happen with the type of fans who think they know everything being at every show.

We’ve gone from slack jawed rednecks stereotype to elitist neckbeards.


Oh dear we’ve reached Irony levels we never thought possible.


Pointing put the problem or discovering the diagnosis does not irony make.

You don’t blame the doctor who discovered cancer…you heed the warning.


Fans not being stupid and not being naive and actually calling out massive inconsistencies and moronic angles is a bad thing? :sweat_smile:

It’s not a bad thing to think.


Don’t worry Wrestling will never see the heights it did in the late 90s just because all media is so fragmented and their is way too many options for entertainment now. I don’t anything today was as topical and popular as wrestling was in the late 90s just due to the world we live in today (not even the NFL).

Daniel Bryan is and has never been anything that special in the ring compared to guys his size. Virtually all the guys in 205 live are more impressive in the ring than him IMO.


Mauro Ranallo is overrated and I would rather listen to Michael Cole. His forced pop culture references and his constant over the top screaming drive me crazy.


Just listening to him during the Ciampa/Ohno match tonight really was atrocious.