An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


I don’t understand why Bayley was ever popular. She seems incredibly boring. Maybe my opinion would be different if I were a girl.


Bailey is supposed to appeal to little girls and I’m guessing you’re an adult male, so there you go. I’m guessing you also don’t get why Dora the Explorer was ever popular.


I don’t know if this falls in the 75%+ category but… Get rid of the automatic rematch!

One of the biggest downers of every title change is knowing that the same two guys/teams are going to fight again next month. And, for the most part, it’s a match where we all know that the (new) champion is going to retain because, if not, then they have to have ANOTHER automatic rematch the next month. And lest we forget that at this point we’ve likely already seen these guys in a ton of non-title and/or multi-man matches.

Maybe the automatic rematch is a necessary evil to avoid having a champion burn through different programs too quickly… and I’m not saying that there can NEVER be a rematch… but I think this overarching rule has got to go.


I’m not a big fan of the automatic rematch either. It does seem to make sure that every feud goes one month too long for that last match.

Does anyone know when it started? I feel like it became the norm around the first Brand Split. Before that if you go back and look at the Attitude era and Invasion there would be different contenders for the championship every month and number-one contender matches were pretty common. I don’t remember the last time a number one contender match happened on PPV.


I feel that the automatic rematch as always been a part of wrestling and I’ve been watching wrestling for 30 years now. It was and always will be a easier way to continue a feud or a story. The difference was that before the attitude era, you had less tv shows and less PPV so we didn’t mind it as much ad we did today.


Sting was better with the bleach blonde hair and face paint, Crow Sting and beyond was over rated.


Joker Sting > Late WCW Sting


The one I have that I’m sure 90% of this place disagrees with is…The New Generation Era of WWE (93-97) is one of the best in the history of the company. Why you may ask? Well, while so many of the characters and gimmicks were corny as hell (seriously, a semi-truck driving wrestler in letahter pants?) they were at least compelling and easy to get behind. There were good stories with all the Brett, Taker, Diesel, Shawn stuff. But most importantly, it’s one of the times you can see the rapid evolution of the company. Mania 9 is a trainwreck of an event steamrolled by Hogan, but the era eventually evolves into some of the best work it’s ever done just 3 years later. It’s hands down my favorite era in WWE.

The current iteration of the Woman’s Main Roster is not nearly as good as many fans and WWE marketing would lead you to believe. While Woman are finally getting there proper spotlight, the actual in-ring product is not very good. It’s slowly getting there with Ruby & Ember on the main, but until the next crop of women come up it’s going to be pretty rough going forward.

While the current WWE roster is one of it’s most talented, it’s also one of the most sterile when it comes to match flow and story telling.


I agree with this part of your post at least!

and as for the Women’s Roster…it was strong when the Four Horsewomen came up and has greatly been diminished by the additions of the Riott Squad and Absolution. I would have much preferred that group getting a spin-off show like 205 Live but not diluting the talent on the Main Roster.


Ruby is incredibly talented in and out of the ring, but the problem is so much of the talent in the ring. Ruby, Ember, Charolette, Asuka and Becky stand above the rest. Sasha, Nattie & Bailey are equal, but below the top group and then the drop off is pretty big.


Top to bottom DDT is the best booked promotion in the world.

I’d put new Japan or maybe Stardom (once they get the red belt off Toni storm) in second place, but could easily close the gap by adding structure and organization to the cards and fueds not just Imma point at the champion and get a title match…


Becky isn’t that great in the ring. I don’t where people get that. I don’t think I have seen her have a great match where the crowd got really into it and most of her offense looks like shit. Not to mention she is horrible on the mic and at acting in backstage sketches.

That being said I would love to shag her and find her the most attractive out of all the women on the roster.


I’ve never been a fan of Kushida. I see his talent and ability but there is nothing about him that interests me and draws me into his matches. I was jazzed to see his BOSJ Final with Ospreay last year hearing it was rated 5 stars. If it wasn’t for Ospreay I would’ve stopped watching. Don’t know what it is about him just don’t find him interesting at all.


Face the Pain would be the greatest wrestling walk out song of all time. (ok, I’m bending my thread a bit here … I’m not concerned about it in wrestling, just wanted to say it’s the greatest MMA/wrestling song of ALL time by far) (actually I think 7 Nation Army would be bigger in wrestling)


Get some new material


You’re trying hard, I guess that’s something


In the backstage incident with Muhammad Hassan and Eddie Guerrero about the camel clutch, Guerrero was in the wrong. Taking a dude’s finisher and making it a rest hold in your match is disrespectful and detrimental to the overall product no matter who ‘invented’ the hold.


Anyone who thinks WCW should’ve won the war is a short sighted idiot.


Please don’t tell me there are people who actually think this. And if so, how do they justify it?


Using rose colored glasses and nostalgia.

Even if they won the war, the cancellation was unavoidable because the Time-Warner merger was still happening. Turner still would’ve lost power, Jamie Kellner would still be a wrestling snob and USA didn’t replace Raw when it moved to Spike and Spike wouldn’t have spent that much for WCW when they’re ratings were low and didn’t have the global penetration the WWF had.

Pro wrestling would most likely not even be on mainstream tv.