An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


I 100% think this is on purpose at the moment. Right down to Kenny calling him his little Ibutan


That is a fair point, wasn’t the story in the past that Omega was overshadowed by Ibushi in the early going? This could be setting up a program with Omega and Ibushi.

I had to look up Ibutan, no idea what it meant. But if the translation I read was correct, it is kind of sweet.


Agree on EC3 - he doesn’t seem to fit on a crowded NXT roster.

I think he’s talented, but his gimmick is already done by others on the main roster (Miz, Roode when he inevitably turns heel.) I wish he had come back as Derrick Bateman and played a parody of the well travelled veteran wrestler. EC3 is great at comedy, so I reckon that could have worked. But yeah, he’s someone who could have skipped NXT and gone straight to the main roster.


I can’t stand Low Ki. I know he’s regarded highly but I think he’s careless and has an ego to him. You hear all the stories of him legitimately hurting others in the ring, as well as him falling out with management and no showing events. He’s right up there with Bob Holly as guys in wrestling I can’t stand.


But who’s in today indy scene doesn’t have a ego. but i’m with you on Low ki, for me he’s in the same league as Austin Aries as somebody that’s really good but have such a big ego and think they are better then they actually are.


You nailed it. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of an ego these days but they take it too far. I do see your point with Aries as well, probably didn’t help the ego that every company them him all of their belts when he came back to the indies.


The Firing Squad screwing up matches in the G1 has been fun and helped me be even more into this year’s tournament!


I’ll agree with you there is you admit that his time in indie and smaller promotions really helped him get the experience he needed to begin with


People decrying that WWE are only using Lesnar “to get Reigns cheered” are morons, what do they think the role of the bad guy is in every narrative storytelling?


I wasn’t feeling the run-ins and DQs but now after watching the promos and seeing the Tama chracter evolve and take shots at Roman and just about everyone backstage, it’s kinda an interesting character. I am not sure there was a way to get real heat on him without it being absolute go-away head. And boy has he got it now!


I thought NIkki’s offense got very polished, looked dynamic, and felt like a real main event style by the end. Her forearm, and the Roman full mount forearms are top shelf WWE offense.


Austin’s neck injuries are hugely underrated in their impact on his working style because most people didn’t see him work/know him before the piledriver.


Charlotte is the Roman reigns of the women’s division.


Fans who want WWE to be “less predictable” are full of crap. If half of the title changes, gimmick matches and other stuff that happened on television during the beloved Attitude Era happened on RAW today, it would be met with a bunch of whining that they “gave that match away for free” or “didn’t do a proper build”… as if that’s our problem as fans. It’s our problem if the match happens because of bad creative and leads to a worse on-screen product, but not because of the financial aspect of the decision.

I don’t own WWE stock (a regrettable decision as of late), so it’s not my concern if the match I’m watching is in the first hour of Raw or the main event of Wrestlemania.


Too add to that if the golden era would happen today, fans would be bitching about how Hulk Hogan is been push down the fans throat and why is hogan being push that hard because he’s always in the mania main event while better wrestlers never get their shot at a mania main event. Same would happen on the NWA side with Flair.


As a kid who lived through the golden era, it was pretty terrible.

90% of the actual wrestling was super boring. Thank goodness for the stories and characters.

And there were people who were sick of Hogan back in the day. Things weren’t that different.


Been watching some Johnny B. Badd/ Marc Mero on the network. Screw anybody that says he sucks because Foley and Pritchard said so. This guy ruled. So much charisma and fire. I’m a huge fan and wished WCW did more with him.


The gargano/chiampa feud is the most overrated feud of the year and is the main reason I stop watching NXT. While I’m a fan of heel chiampa, the lack of charisma or any emotion shown by gargano as taken me right out of this feud. Gargano is pretty much at the highest he will ever be and is destined to be just another guy on the 205 live roster when He’s finally call up.


Yeah both of these guys are built like Sasha Banks and would look ridiculous wrestling Roman or Seth and almost everyone on the roster.


His last nane is Ciampa.