An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


That’s most likely the case. And quite plausible too as well.


Being someone’s on-screen mistress didn’t stop Alicia Fox from having a career in WWE. And I don’t think many would remember she had that role unless it was mentioned.


I’m surprised she hasn’t been at least given a spot in the Mae Young Classic. She is really talented in terms of playing a character and mic skills and good enough in the ring. 5-10 years ago I would of said she wasn’t pretty enough but she would one of the better looking ones in the Mae Young tourney and in the middle of the pack on the main roster. There is no reason she shouldn’t at least be in the Mae Young classic.

I seriously wouldn’t be shocked if it was because of her relationship with Ryder. They seem to legit not like that guy and keep him on just to fuck with him. They really seem that petty at times.


Well you got me there…it’s an obvious attempt to make Zack Ryder commit suicide when she eventually leaves him so they don’t have to pay him for all those royalties he spends on their toys.


Elias is a mediocre performer at best. He has a great gimmick that generates cheap heat. But his mic skills are weak and often the content which he says isn’t clever at all. It’s all just easy cheap heat that I think any performer could do just as well if not better. Once people tire of him generically insulting fans and hometowns I don’t see a bright future for this guy. I’m already bored of it.


Agreed. They’re doing a good job getting the most out of Elias right now, but I don’t see much of a long-term future in a key role unless he starts a.) actually wrestling, b.) winning more often than not and c.) being better in the ring than I remember him being. His match on Raw last week (90 seconds vs. Curt Hawkins) was his first televised match in a month and if you don’t count Royal Rumbles (Greatest or otherwise), he’s only had a match on two PPVs in 2018 despite appearing on nearly all of them.


i’ve kinda disagree with you guys on this, If this was the indy then yes you’re right he’s a mediocre wrestler but this is the WWE and for me, the sky is the limit for Elias. I don’t think you need to be a great in ring performer to be a major star in WWE, all you need is be able to connect with the audience and he has that. The Character is one of the most over character they have right now so at some point, he will get a major push and might even win a championship. He’s not a main event caliber performer but he’s an upper mid card guy that’s able to stay over without doing a thing and that’s rare in today’s landscape.


Joe Ryan is a big hit on the indies…you can be mediocre on the indies too.

Edit:…Grado, Kikkotaro (sp?) Colt Cobana and that’s just off the top off my head.


I said he has a great gimmick that generates heat easily. I’m just saying once the gimmick gets stale there is not a lot for him because he isn’t very charismatic or that good on the mic. Hell I even would say most of the material they give him to say isn’t even clever or that good. I can easily see him being in Mike Bennett territory by next year once the gimmick gets old. The guy really isn’t that talented. He has good size but that’s really all he has going for him outside the gimmick.


That’s where we differ in our opinions. The guy as been doing this gimmick for over a year now and He’s been over with the gimmick ever since. The guy as a lot of charisma and his pretty good on the Mic. He wouldn’t be over for that long if he didn’t have it.

I see him being in this position or even higher by next year, it all depends on him at this point. The balls is in his court, either he will run with it and stay over for years to come or he will tank. The fact that He’s been over for so long tells me that he will be over for a long time.


Having a cathphrase and singing…Gee I wonder why it’s successful?


I will eat my words tonight. He was really great in that Trish segment. It was a really well written segment and they both delivered. Prior to that it has been mostly mid card cheap heat that most talent could get over if they had his awesome gimmick.


Daniel Bryan isn’t or has ever been anything special in the ring compared to guys his size. If you watch 205 Live all the guys are way more impressive than he ever was in terms of in ring. I think a lot of his reputation is mainly just hype and it being the cool thing to say that he is this amazing worker. I think it was because he was in ROH and nobody ever saw him wrestle (because ROH has always been a very boring product) and this word of mouth happened. If he was in TNA for 04-10 there is no way he would of gotten his reputation. Most of the X Division wrestlers during that time were better than him.

You actually watch him and you will see a mediocre athlete. Seriously guys like Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander (who are both much bigger) blow him away at any point in his career.


Daniel Bryan has an intangible quality that those 205/X-division “athletes” don’t have.

People actually give a shit about him, I don’t see it personally, but you can’t deny he has an “IT” factor that draws people.towards him.


I’m purely talking in ring. I remember when he came in he had the reputation of being the greatest wrestler in the world and when I watched him wrestle for the first time I was completely underwhelmed and didn’t get it what all the hype was about. If he was in TNA instead of ROH where people could actually watch him wrestle there in no way he would of got that reputation.


I don’t even think the worst of TNA could fuck up Bryan Danielson. In ring don’t mean nothing, his biggest things were his entrance and chant, and hugging a 6’ 10" giant in red tights.

Also, reputation is based off his storytelling in ring, move sets and spots are not the same.


The thing is, in ring performance doesn’T mean shit in WWE. Bryan wasn’t over when he first got in because outside fans that actually watch ROH and the indy scene at the time, nobody knew who he was. Then he continued to be this bland no character wrestler that he’S been all his life and fans got bored with him, pretty much like most of the 205 live roster right now. It took him winning the world title and becoming a heel for fans to care about him because he was forced to show some charisma and character instead of just be Daniel bryan the wrestler.

The reason that he’S over as nothing to do with his past on the indy circuit, it’s more because of his character work that fans are able to relate to.


No I’m not saying he doesn’t have charisma or an ability to connect with a crowd, I’m just saying he had this reputation of being this amazing worker coming into WWE and when he got there he was really nothing special compared to others his size. Finn Balor, Ricochet, Neville, Apollo Crews and AJ Styles all had this rep coming into WWE as being amazing workers who blow you away and they all lived up to it to me. All of those guys blow him away to me in terms of in ring work.

Though Apollo has zero charisma and personality I would say he is way more impressive in the ring that Daniel Bryan ever was.


We must be living in alternate universes, because I havent missed a Raw in years and I dont remember a single match, where Apollo Crews has ever done anything impressive. Same with his NXT run. He’s done nothing that I havent seen many other do…and they’ve done it much better. I havent seen his indy work though.

Finn Balor I also find massively overrated. He’s much like a Shinsuke Nakamura to me. He can have good matches, but only with those that are better than he is. A guy like AJ Styles can be in there and make Baron Corbin look good. Finn Balor cannot.


Apollo did this…impressive