An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share



Your head.



All In was over rated and any of the last 5 Take Overs were better, you know I am right


What is better about him than Daniel Bryan? In the ring that is.


More athletic better strikes and selling, body control, high flying. Also there is no comparison between wrestling today compared to the 90s. The wrestlers today are so much better in the ring. Shawn was head ans shoulders above everyone back then. Now he would be one of the better workers in WWE.


All In is the new ECW. Detractors won’t give it an inch of due credit and supporters will overlook its obvious flaws to a comical level.


ECW never sold out an arena

Don’t rewrite history, also, All In for all intent and purposes is a one off, not a weekly tv show.


ECW was a gimmick promotion built around novelty hardcore attractions (my take at least). All In was a gimmick show built around the novelty of a 10k Indy show. One is repeatable, the other would have run into fatigue if not for the money issues (again, my take)


That Todd Pettengill wasn’t all that bad.

Granted his style wouldn’t work today however back between 93-97, he had a personality which could host shows like Mania (That brings back memories) unlike some of the soulless personalities like there is today (e.g. Scott Stamford)


I agree. The company was really campy at that time and I thought he was perfect fit for that time. His song parodies for the Slammy’s was the shit. I don’t care what anybody says, I loved it.


Todd Pettengill was like an 80s VJ…terrible.

And his commentary was Mike Adam level.


Out of curiosity, how much ecw have you watched?

I don’t necessarily think you’re crazy with that opinion but I think we are at a point where ecw doesn’t get the credit it deserves. There some really good stuff during late 95-97.


All their acclaim for Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero, Jericho, Mysterio, Psicosis and Juvi is hollows incentives they worked a handful of shows for them.


Same question then.


I’m quite familiar.

Outside of first form Mikey Whipwreck, Lance Storm/Candido and RVD and Lynn…there was a reason why damn near all their matches were chopped up like a teen in a horror film.


But they weren’t

I don’t care if people hate ecw. Everyone likes different styles of wrestling.

Just wonder sometimes if it’s the trendy opinion with nothing to support.

Watching ecw wasn’t super easy before the network.


Nothing more than the shows John and Wai reviewed and the major moments that everyone’s seen. Admittedly before I was old enough to appreciate and not something I went back to.

But here’s what I mean by fatigue: like the guys were saying on RaR this week. We remember Foley but we forget half of the crazier spots from more recent years; how much longer could ECW have gone before that same type of short term memory loss set in on its fans who became numb to everything?

To me it’s celebrated for its innovation and the fans but had it gone on a few more years it would have become overexposed


Feels like early TNA.

Opinion: TNA I’m its first 5 years was equivalent of ECW in terms of untapped talent who appeared there and undeniable potential to be a viable promotion that eventually got derailed by bigger illusions of grandeur


Imo, ecw was the most entertaining when following hardcore tv and the big house shows they built up to. The company was at it’s peak from 95ish-97. Then they were strip mined by wcw. It really hurt the product. They never had a chance on TNN. I’d be interested to see what paul could have done during they hey day with national TV and ppv.

Just very fun booking of some guys who admittedly couldn’t make it in the WWE. But they also had legit talent.

There was a lot of blood and guts stuff but not all. I’m sure fans would have become numb, but that’s the same with every promotion. It always happens.

Ecw had problems, I can’t deny that. But I think a lot of people didn’t get the chance to experience it at it’s best and it gets unfairly shit on.

It really was difficult to follow and I lived in NY at the time.


I agree about the talent 100% but the management of that company was doomed


Hardcore TV was two chopped up matches and Pulp fiction promos.