An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


I know

You had to watch the “big” event/house shows they pulled those from. Those were basically the ppvs


Not sure how I was supposed to watch those since the videos were also chopped up and I’m not watching an RF video fan cam.


Most of the big ones were not just fan cam

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut like I said, it wasn’t easy to watch so idk how informed some of these options are


I think Charlotte and Gargano are terribly overrated. I can’t stand most of their work. I hate the way they sell, I hate their characters, I hate their ring/entrance gear, and I don’t think they put on the best matches. Some of the “5-star classics” I hear about I find to be very underwhelming. I’m probably the only person who thought each of the Gargano/Ciampa matches were 3.5* at best. And at least in the case of Charlotte, I can’t stand her moveset. It’s just so dull to me.


Charlotte is too big to do all the moves she does. She works even steven with women who are half her size and sells way too much for them. She is practically the female Braun but wants to work like a cruiserweight. It looks awful every time she does that moonsault on girls half her size and misses most of the time.


When I first saw him at Wrestle Kingdom, I couldn’t believe how awesome he was. Turns out he was wrestling Ibushi.

I still love the guy, but he does seem to kind of glide against “lesser” opponents


The problem with Charlotte is mostly that she want to show how athletic she is by doing high flying moves. The problem with that is that nobody wants to catch her because of her size so they just look like flip and they just look horrible because of it.

Gargano is more of a charisma issue, the guy is a really good wrestler but as far as charisma is concern, the guy as no personality at all.


Dude is built like Sasha Banks also. Can you imagine him standing next to practically anyone on Raw? His best hope is if 205 is still around when he gets called up. Other than being in a tag team I don’t see any future for they guy. I could be wrong though.


Where on the same wave length about gargano. I feel this main event run he has in NXT is the highest he will get in WWE because the best he can hope for being a main player on the 205 live roster. He’s pretty much Finn balor but with even less charisma then Finn has.


I remember like 10-15 years ago the whole IWC hated anyone over 6’2, looked like they were on steroids or just looked like they could kill you and wanted all the puny indy guys or Japanese guys in the WWE. Now the pendulum has gone so far and we are so jaded with seeing indy guys in WWE that no one really cares how well Gargano will do. 10 years ago he would of been this golden boy for the IWC.


The sky will be falling when he loses his first match on Raw.

The selective outrage of “real fans” are always there. They’re not “jaded” they are too full of themselves to stop caring.


While being a really talented guy, velveteen dream will be stuck as a lower card when he will get call up to the main roster

The thing is that the gimmick feels too much like a mid 90’s cartoony gimmick that will stand out like a sour thumb on the main roster.


I don’t know if this is really an opinion. It’s more of a guarantee. And one I think more than 75% of this board would bet on with you. He is really, really talented, but that gimmick only works in some weird “hardcore environment” like NXT or the indies. I’m not even sure I could see it getting over in someplace like RoH, NJPW, NOAH, or Impact.


The only chance for him is if they debut him as heel. Virtually every wrestler that debuts as a face (especially a gimmick wrestler) flounders shortly after. I can easily see Vince debuting him as a face then him going the way of Fandango shortly after.

His in ring and mic work aren’t where it needs to be either.


VD’s great (I imagine that sentence has been uttered at least once at Titan Towers), but his path to success on the Main roster is iffy at best.

The current creative team has managed to botch the call-ups of many NXT alums, they’re not particularly great booking smaller guys in non-comedic roles (AJ & Finn being a couple of the exceptions), and their track-record booking workers of color (including Roman) is spotty at best.

Best-case scenario: Dream either becomes the centerpiece of a revamped 205 Live or he morphs into the new Elias.

More likely scenario: Dream becomes Fandango with a tan and gets paired with Titus Worldwide or The B-Team within 3 months. :100:


Alex Riley was money and the WWE is so stupid for screwing him up. Seriously that dude had it and should be a top guy right now.


I feel it that it was mostly his fault if he didn’t make it big in WWE. Everybody that talk about him over the year all say that he had all the tools to be a top guy but he had attitude problems which held him back.

At some point, when you think your bigger then the peoples you are working with, you are going to get put in your place. Riley screw up one too many time and he paid for it.


I’m not familiar with the situation. Were they real attitude problems or those stupid locker room “he didn’t shake Undertaker’s hand one day” attitude problems?


From what I remembered, he had a big ego after they split him up from miz and thought he was better then all the top guys at the time and one time he went and said something disrespectful to John cena and they just gave up on him after that.


Vince would kill to have someone like him now. There is no way Vince doesn’t look at all the indyriffic looking wrestlers on TV now and longs for guys that look like Riley. There are no guys coming up with his look either. If he came up today he would be protected and pushed to the moon.