An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share

Damn it! Your first phrase I disagree with… I think of Hart vs, Austin WM 13 and stopping the match would have been terrible…
…then you have to go and follow it up with your “adds to the drama” comment… and I agree… as long as the match doesn’t end! heh heh heh

Wow! Bringing the salsa you POSTers!

@MyfriendJim I think one thing they’ve done much better with Braun (as opposed to Roman) is he’s not racking up wins left and right from the get go. He’s getting to do all this damage and big stuff outside of constantly beating everyone in the matches which so far seems to be working. Plus now they have the advantage of having him doing some of this to Roman which is only helping him.

I’d put the Package Piledriver at close to a 10 and the Pop Up Powerbomb at about a 3. I think that puts a damper on his moves (like you’re saying) when your last move is nowhere near your other finishing move. I think Owens is BY FAR the best talker in the ring. He knows the names of everyone’s moves and catch phrases and when he has a headlock on his opponent on the mat and the ref ask ‘do you give up?’, Owens responds with a ‘Yes, he does.’ Hilarious IMO. Great post though!

@Deezy now I’m mad I didn’t say the Punk one! (with a qualifier though). I’m pretty close to 3 for 3 with ya on those and most wouldn’t say that. I’d qualify Punk’s to ‘just the pipe bomb’ for me. I literally can’t stay awake on that one. I certainly did enjoy his trashing of Cena (and double that for Miz’s trashing of Cena, the portrayal of him in those skits were hilarious). When Miz was on UpUpDownDown, I literally had to stop watching; he was that annoying just playing Madden! (and he wasn’t even in Miz heel mode). I kinda chuckle that people jumped on the bandwagon after the Talking Smack promo with DB. He’s been doing his thing long before that. Props to the dude though. He’s so good at shutting down the crowd that they don’t even try stuff with him anymore.

I heard the backlash of the succotash promo before actually seeing it. When I watched it, I basically thought ‘he delivered that line as well as anyone could have’. While I don’t disagree with some of the complaints concerning him (should have at least turned heel for a bit awhile ago, music and gear should have changed when leaving the Shield, too many LOLRomanWins moments too early), I don’t believe Roman is in charge of deciding any of that. He goes out there and crushes it as I see it. The ‘only’ thing I’d have him do is not sell the body punch. Awesome opinions though, especially the Punk one!

@zekey Are you saying it should break it or it doesn’t break it? I’m not sure what side you’re on. Side note, I asked myself who is my favorite female and male wrestler in the WWE (I honestly try to look at the ‘little things’, I’m sounding like Christian from the E & C Pod here, and I give everyone a look.) I’ll have to go with your picture there, gonna go Sasha. Just dig the way she flings herself around out there. Male I’m going with Rusev. Dude does it all.

@MJfromNJ Enjoy your stuff my man! Taking on the Grandest Stage! Bold! (I will sneak in here that my opinion is pretty opposite of yours on the Ronda thread, but you gave such a passionate argument on your side! Heck, we can’t agree on everything. I was attempting to write something over there, but as you can tell I end up constructing novels! I do see your side though.)

I made a similar point elsewhere that even Mania from 2 years ago felt ‘out of place’ with the TV product. I would be looking to go 14 for 14 on delivering matches and storylines, but we know that ain’t happenin!! Celebrate the excess brother! (j/k)

I suppose I’ll add my 2nd opinion that would fit my thread here:
I love the long shows! (heck, I haven’t heard anyone say that) I probably do for 2 reasons: 1) I don’t watch RAW and Smackdown, don’t have that channel! John and Wai do such a great job of recapping it that I probably know more about the shows than people that watch it! I should stop using exclamation points! and 2) I give everyone on the roster a chance, everyone has something to contribute and the performers on the lower card are working just as hard as everyone else so I pay attention to everyone. Give Kid Rock 4 songs!! 8 hour show!!

@Rated_R_Poster very interesting to hear you’ve seen his NJPW stuff! Makes your take even hotter! Speaking of ZSJ, wow! He won me over at the New Japan Cup. I’m sitting there thinking ‘dude hasn’t done a traditional wrestling move in 4 matches’. I was blown away by how damn smooth all 4 of those matches were (and credit to all his opponents also). I couldn’t believe with all the damn transitions that stuff wasn’t messed up at all. I’ll admit that I was tapping out from home on that Napalm Death thing. It looked painful just looking at it. Taka, literally amazing. Enjoyed his spiel every time. Zack was on fire at those post pressers things also. Somebody stick those beers in a cooler!

@Kenrique You are all over it on the character work on the turn. Totally agree with you. I was just trying to make the contrast between 17 would be voted top Mania and most didn’t enjoy the turn ‘at that time’ (and later as they blend it in with the Invasion). I would ‘guess’ that the highest voted Mania would probably have some happy feel good moment at the end (like 30), but here we are! The AE Podcast’s last episode did a great job of describing what you’re hitting on with the unhinging of S. Cold.

@GreenYellowDucky Take that Okada! The whole arm unraveling thing is pretty unrealistic, but it is a great move in a sense that can be countered or ducked which does add drama. I have to say I enjoy the ‘calling for it’ and I even more so enjoy the zoom out of the camera. Nice touch. Great post though!

@RedRaider07 If you asked me, I’d probably say I’d like some blood in one match at every other PPV. However, realistically, this probably should not happen and you are spot on. I was at the Joe/Balor match in NXT and you hit the nail right on the head that the crowd became unhinged and more invested and jacked the excitement level up. (and he was busted open right away so it turned into several ‘stoppages’). Can’t we go to the Roman blood packet a few more times? Tell the damn sponsors it’s not real.

Never heard anyone say that though. Too much blood lust!

@3jaydee3 Is it? I should go give my posts some hearts. Here is one of my wrestling opinions that most wouldn’t agree with, now I want to hear everyone else’s. (I’m not going to give this post a heart though, too long!)


Free heart space on your POST forum Bingo card - achieved!

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@RedRaider07 I agree with @theCobra - so minus ,05 % for you… blood spillage has its place. One of the recent E + C podcasts is both Bret and Austin giving their take on their WM 13 match (where Vince didn’t know about Bret cutting Austin open) but without the bleed, significantly changes the story they told in the ring. If it fits, and in my opinion, rarely, then bleed on.

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The infamous ECW arena produced the worst wrestling fans in the world. Over-titled and over-critical to the point they ruin shows. They were bad in ECW and became worse when CZW made the arena their home.


I actually enjoyed David Flair. Seriously.


I’m still trying to figure out how and what Brock and Lashley have done to deserve their pushes, besides being the big body building guys Vince likes. Maybe it’s the built in name recognition you only get from being a mediocre MMA fighter. Neither have good mic skills and neither have had any character development.

To be honest, I have yet to see a MMA fighter turned wrestler that I liked. They all look unrealistic and out of place in the ring.

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I have a few.

1/triple h is my favourite wrestler. I was falling out of wrestling when the blue blood character arrived but I enjoyed his work. When I started watching regularly again in 1999, he Was in the corporate ministry and I couldn’t believe he was the same guy. His work from then until his injury in 2001 his work was second to none. Granted, I was not following as regular during the mid 2000s and wasn’t aware of his politicking behind the scenes, I’ve rarely seen a bad match of his and still enjoy them today.

2/ the Bella twins are the best female performers in Wwe. They have managed to adapt to every situation they’ve been in. They’ve gone from only being eye candy to being able to work and have good matches with other great performers.

3/ I want raw to stay at 3 hours. I enjoy raw a lot more than smackdown and I think it could weaken the overall product. Also longer raw equals longer podcast.

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Cleaning up Joe IMO made the match with Joe and Balor at Takeover Dallas.and @3jaydee3 I only like this in the safe/PG era, and agree matches before that time like WM13 were made by not stopping it.

@Tony I agree with you re Bella’s (isn’t it funny how these start as “most ppl disagree” and then we learn ppl agree - again great thread and a hot take safe place!..POSTTakes🔥)

@theCobra enjoyed the Novel! Always getting the well thought out opinions from everyone here. Like hearing the logic and thinking. Favorite part of wrestling convos (why John and Wai are my favorites) @Rated_R_Poster ZSJ won me over in New Japan Cup and a recent promo in Rev Pro with Minoru but part of that was booking and most of it is he won me over as a great heel who I want to see get taken to Suplex City (in that kind of match, not necessarily with Brock). He’s the top heel in business for me after Cody and Miz.

Adding some unpopular takes for the chomping at:
Miz was AWESOME in his role leading up to Mania headline with Cena (and Rock)!!! I was blasting his song that season and loved his appearance in cosmetic makeup as The Rock. He ran this back with Cena last year and people loved it. He didn’t get the love he deserved as a 3rd wheel in 2011. His cash in moment is also great! Rewatch that! (Also knowing the Miz from Real world and The Challenge on MTV (where he still hosts the Reunion show and is awesome) makes me admire how he’s achieved this dream even more. He’s a real fan and I think his work in and out of Arenas shows he gets “it”. Hall of Famer, first ballot.

Orton is the most overrated multi time champion EVER.


“The Curtain Call” is overrated as a major event in wrestling history. I’ll give it its historical due for changing the winner of the 1996 King of the Ring, but as far as its importance in “exposing the business,” it’s only even known about (by the average fan) because WWE decided to make it a big deal 10 years later.


HBK wouldn’t even be in my Top 3 of greatest in-ring performers from his era.


Bret Hart isn’t bitter, he’s just blunt and to the point. Have to be when all you’re ever asked about is the worst things that happened to you for over 20 years.


I think you win the award for most unpopular opinion yet. I have never seen anyone say they want Raw to stay 3 hours.


Daniel Bryan fan boys are the worst type of fan. …they can’t be happy he is wrestling and loving a good life… he has to be the mainevent and in every segment. …but they somehow act like all his success is because of them and somehow asterisk his accomplishments because…reasons.

Ha ha, true. Probably more a selfish reason, I can occasionally watch raw at work so the more time I can get through the better. Though I do think raw is much better than smackdown and I don’t know if shortening it will weaken it to smackdowns level.

WWE needs a mixed tag belt.

Lana can become a good wrestler.

Randy Orton is overrated.

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Matt Striker was a great commentator who ligitimised the sport.

Primo is the most underrated wrestler in the WWE

Elimination chamber is my favourite PPV

Nailz was a great character


If you have a problem with Trump and the values he represents, you can’t in good conscience give money to the WWE

What if you don’t give a shit because you’re Canadian and finally realized Trump’s hogtied to even do anything that affects you personally…because I’m not American.

Those are all true