An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


My thought exactly


Sasha Banks can be the #1 top star in the company by switching to Smackdown and acting like the boss again


I feel like fans are more willing to accept silly shit when it’s done in the indy’s. If some of the silly stuff that’s done on the indy happened in WWE, fans would crap all over it for being to silly.


The guy lossed 12 out of 21 matches at the biggest event of the year. You can’t follow that statement with “he never put anyone over…”

Cena and Reigns were/are arguably worse in terms of win/loss as they’re babyfaces. Not that I think they have too much say in the matter, aside from a few cases.


Yikes, forgotten what I’d posted! Had to go back and read it…

HHH has lost quite a few matches at Mania, but my argument was “did any of them help WWE in the long term?” I don’t think they did.

You’re right on Cena and Reigns, but that’s WWE for you



This all because he didn’t put Booker T over when he was Steve Austin’s bitch in a grocery store and doing comedy with Goldust isn’t it?


It was after that phase, when Booker T had teamed with Goldust in 2002 and was going for the title on his own in 2003. The Austin stuff was a year or so earlier, I think?

I wasn’t a huge Booker T fan (preferred his title run in WCW…well the first one anyway :grinning:) but that Mania match cut his legs off…a win there and WWE might have had another main eventer.


Was Booker T supposed to do retread WCW matches with Kevin Nash and Goldberg?


No. No-one was supposed to wrestle Nash and Goldberg in 2003 :grinning:


All these WWE Network shows aren’t a bad thing and to borrow a phrase “best for business”.
Sure we may be getting tired of a “ppv” every other week and all these shows being built at once are disorienting. HOWEVER, if each show has 2/3 must see matches, and the rest is a house show and the network allows anyone to go back and check out the big matches, and TV will recap the main stories from those shows, how is it bad?!
It’s like 5 Road to Destruction shows when really one big one could have been held. And when the WWE is trying to maximize Network subs and retain the free-trial audience what better way than so many big shows crossing over the monthly intervals and being promoted in a way that hooks (or traps) the network subscriber. Again, another reason I’m super long WWE - it is finding ways to enhance its network offering and frankly why shouldn’t they. Because I don’t want to feel like I’m forced to watch every show? I’m not forced…I’ll check out what I can, catch up with reviews and the way TV is written I’ll never feel like I missed something because they’ll hammer me over the head with it.


I have no problem with all the big shows being on the network in such a short amount of time my problem is they interject all of them at once into the television and it just becomes a over saturated mess. Its just too much to take in all at once and really hurts the product. Both the Saudi and Aussie are house shows that are happening at 4 in the morning on a Saturday. Who could possibly be really excited for those. I really wish they didn’t build tv around these super house shows that no can watch live. Hell I wish they didn’t even air them and just let them exist on their own. They really water down Wrestlemania and all of WWE programming.

The last Saudi show made a mess out of WWE programming and now with 3 big shows in less than a month? Who wants this?


I think I agree…

On one hand, it’s a well-produced house show featuring marquee guys that I can watch whenever I want. I’m under no obligation to tune in at 5 AM local time (or at all).

On the other hand, if the booking is essentially going to be a house show (no title switches, non-canonical matches that undermine current programs), then keep it as a house show and not as the focus of the weekly television. The most frustrating current example of this is The Bar LOSING a #1 Contender’s Match and immediately getting a title shot at the Melbourne show… because reasons.


They also announced Strowman/Roman and AJ/Joe for Melbourne before HIAC. So they booked the rematches before the actual original matches. Now they have announced Brock/Roman/Strowman a month and a half from now with 3 weeks until we get Roman/Strowman. I imagine we will also get a lot more matches announced for the Saudi show this week and they will build for the show at the same time as the Melbourne show.

Also we are going to get a Wrestlemania like build with Shawn/HHH vs Taker/Kane in October for a show on Friday at like 4 AM. HBK’s big return match is in October at 4 AM on a Friday.

This really waters down Wrestlemania season as well. I really hate these super shows and hope they learn just to keep them as house shows. They really ruin the entire product.


I think it’s safe to say that this is an opinion most agree with.


Those major house shows money grabs were done frequently. But people cried and whined about that MSG show a few years ago not being on the network so now we have this.


Batista, Benoit, Daniel Bryan, John Cena were all elevated by beating HHH. The others who weren’t were a result of them being a bigger star than HHH at the time. Also, whether or not their careers improved after their match HHH isnt solely a HHH issue.


Re the glorified house shows: the one time booking swerves us and a title switches hand thus altering a match direction or even if Joe was defending instead of AJ I think we’ll all start to believe.
It definitely waters down Mania - the spring deal was a joke

It also begs the question: if NJPW can book shows in foreign territories without a lineup announced why can’t WWE? I know they are booking much more massive venues but it’s all the same stars and half these matches are non-linear storytelling so who really cares? If you are in Melbourne you’re going to see the stars not the matchups




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