An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


You answered your own question. NJPW is able to sell 5,000 tickets in wrestling hotbeds. WWE is trying to sell 50,000+. The two are uncomparable. And I bet WWE have years of data to show that announcing certain wrestlers will add sales. Announcing John Cena, Triple H, Undertaker, etc. etc. does a lot to sell these shows to families of five versus catering to the one hardcore wrestling fan in his basement.


Nobody minds if they televise them on the network they just don’t want them to be woven into the story lines on tv. Thanks to this mess there will be a 2 week build to Survivor Series which will most likely be rematches from the previous super shows they did. Things will get back to normal the night after Survivor Series. WWE will be a clusterfuck for the next 2 months.

They use to air some house shows on the network but probably stopped because no one watched them and it was a waste money to film them professionally. I doubt it would of been worth it financially to show MSG house show live. We have this probably because they probably feel obligated by the Aussie and Saudi governments to give their shows proper TV build up for the money they are paying WWE.


Doesn’t matter what the scale is…it’s still doing the exact same thing.


This house show will make close to Mania money…The Saudi Arabia show will make more than even Mania weekend.

And we get to see it…it’s more than a house show its a victory lap.

It’s only a matter of time when the big 4 become stadium shows.


the rumble is in the Diamondbacks stadium this year which is awful because of the long runway for entering the rumble. I bet it is only a matter of time before Summerslam is held in stadiums annually. I wouldn’t be shocked if they were also moved to 5 hours. WWE really doesn’t know when enough is enough. Everything seems to be getting bigger and longer in every thing they do.


Watching the big guys riding pope mobiles :rofl:


I don’t think that it will effect survivor series that much because the saudi show is pretty much a big tournament with Lesnar Strowman and Reigns as the main event so you don’t need a lot of build up for a tournament and Survivors series as been for the past 2 years a brand vs brand show and i feel they might go into something similar this year so again, they don’t need a huge build up for that show as well.


Crown Jewel is just King of The Ring.

Winner be lauded and promoted as the winner like Braun Strowman is for his Greatest Royal Rumble win :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


yeah that’s pretty much it.


My opinion is announcing these guys as on the show is what sells the tickets - do we really think Elias and Owens vs Lashley and Cena is the thing moving tickets? And I’m totally in favor of announcing one or two major matches early. Everyone else is “on the card” and then solidify the card after the last big show or ppv.
What really makes the difference of announcing Styles Joe and a 6 man Tag with the Shield ahead of time compared to doing it Monday after HiaC. In fact, couldn’t it be said some fans feel cheated because they are getting a re-run match?


They also have the DX vs Taker/Kane match. I bet you anything they will also have a SD world title match. They are going to have to build up at least 2 matches on RAW for Saudi. They might be building matches on RAW for 3 different events all at the same time. How many video packages during the shows are we going to get between the 3 of them?

They wouldn’t announce the RAW championship match at Survivor Series before Saudi would they? Its only 2 weeks between the shows. Same goes for the SD championship which will most likely be defended in Saudi.


BCOG/Firing Squad > BC Elite (Fale just recently did an interview for NJPW where he gives examples that I’d agree with)


Daniel Brian and the YES movement were both overrated and only became a thing due to post punk resentment. that yes chat is beyond annoying and I believe is more over then DB ever was.
Respect Brian immensely and am glad he is back doing what he loves to do but as an overall talent he’s just never done it for me



Last year they didn’t have a championship match at survivor series and if they book the same way this year, they can announce a lot of matches for survivor series before Saudi and just do like they did last year and change it if they wanted to change something. Remember last year, they were suppose to do jinder Mahal vs Brock lesnar and 2 weeks before survivor series they change the match by having aj styles beat jinder. So if they book a raw vs smackdown feud again for survivor series then you can easily promote both show and change thing on the fly if they wanted to.


Most of AJ Styles championship run is nothing but fuckery


Agreed. I like aj but don’t think he’s had a decent run it’s been very lackluster.


They have booked him like shit. The whole Sami/Kevin was a clusterfuck and they had him loosing to Sami practically clean on just a regular SD. Then the whole Nakamura feud was bad for the most because Nakamura is just bad and should be in the mid card. I’ve enjoyed all the stuff with Joe though in terms of matches, storylines and promos.

Also WWE mostly sucks at booking and writing for babyfaces. I don’t know if anybody on the roster can pull of being the babyface champion for a year and have a entertaining character and do entertaining promos.


Babyfaces in WWE are booked like Rick Grimes…always trying to do the right thing always seems to bite em in the ass and it leaves any supporter slowly turning on them.


I’m with you there. Have thought he should have lost it to both Nakamura and Joe by this point. He’s not even getting clean wins over the guys.


Might have to agree to disagree here.

I’ll give you Batista, but the rest? Benoit was a token ‘thank you for your efforts’ title win, he was back in the mid card 6 months later. John Cena was already on his mega push and I don’t think his match with HHH made much difference. Daniel Bryan got over via mass fan support, not Triple H. Their match was just hastily put together because the original plan would have failed.

To me, putting someone over is to lose to them and further their career. Think Sting Vs Flair, Foley Vs HHH or Hart Vs Piper. I can only really think of Batista when it comes to HHH and I reckon he could have done so much more with Booker T, RVD and Jericho back in the day.


Then their push gets killed, like he’s getting killed.