An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Paige is in the process of completely ruining herself physically very rapidly. She is constantly getting new plastic surgery and tattoos. She has the same exact plastic surgery as Kylie Jenner. I personally think she looks disgusting and think before its all over she might completely look like a total freak.

Do people like all of Paige’s new cosmetic surgery?


I like it. I’m not a fan of when she makes the duck lips in selfies, but I think she looks really sexy otherwise. Anything more might be too far though.


Who cares?

*This message must be at least 15 characters, but my statement still stands.


Then why did you post a comment? If you don’t care about something for now on don’t bother to comment if you have nothing to say. Seriously why would you write that down if you have no opinion on something?


You actually make a good point. I will refrain from commenting on your hurtful posts going forward because I don’t respect them.


This isn’t really an unpopular opinion, more of a slight annoyance that I don’t know where to post.

WWE need to stop having wrestlers call each other “best friends”. It’s hard to take seriously. No serious adult calls someone their “best friend”. It’s either just “friend” or “close friend”.

I know WWE really want to ram home that two people are/were close but this just makes them sound like kids and makes me slightly cringe. It’s a regular thing as well. It’s the only place I hear adults call each other “best friends”. It’s annoying.


It’s hard to tell if some of you actually enjoy wrestling after reading through this thread.


Complaining is cheap and easy…you also love something for so long you begin to resent it.

Like marriage.


I agree, she looked much better before the lip job, boob job and constant Botox injections, and I’m also not a fan of the tattoo she has on her midriff.


All the women are getting lots of botox. Nattie is 36 years old and she has no wrinkles or lines on her face. The only woman that looks remotely natural looking that is in her 30s in Becky (other than her hair)


Trying to discuss why some women wear an unnecessary amount of makeup or go over the top with botox and surgery is a can of worms regarding insecurity that I don’t think we should open…


Like Meltzer, I was really disappointed when both Iconics got their boobs done. They really didn’t need them at all. Even though most girls get them entirely for themselves, I just wish these girls would realize that fake tits look gross most of time and most guys don’t like them.

Sasha has been getting lots of tattoos lately. It wouldn’t shock me if this leads to her getting her boobs done.


Most guys don’t like fake boobs…that’s a load of crap. Considering how heavily it’s pushed and viewed in mainstream media and adult entertainment.


Most guys I know don’t like them.

Now who has the worst fake boobs in wrestling history? I gotta go with Sable. She was really fit with little body fat and that always looks bad with implants. Then they were way too big and cartoonish. Plus it was in the 90’s boob jobs were still kinda new and the kinks were being worked out. I mean who thinks those look good?


Considering Sable in Playboy was one of their biggest selling issues. I’d say alot of people thought they looked good


Well her tits look really gross on her and you’re an immature troll. I’m trying to have a serious discussion about historically bad boob jobs in pro wrestling and your being your usual stupid self. Do you have anything to add ever other than being a dip shit troll. Now give me some bad boob jobs or STFU.


You’re using anecdotal evidence and subjective tastes on the merits of fake boobs.

Name anyone with natural breasts who were more over than Pam Anderson.


Caroline Holden and her natural breast were more over with me and Pam would of been so much hotter without them.

Terri Runnels may have Sable beat. You could land a plane between those things. They look like they were just bolted on to her tiny body.


Are we so desperate in finding a subject for this thread that we have to stoop to this level of discussing how a women look. Really, that’s the best we can do at this point. I thought the Alex Riley subject was reaching to bottom of the barrel but this thread is really becoming a joke.


Beat it Liberace.

Trish’s implants looked all right when she debuted by then she lost so much mass over time that her implants were just way to be big for her and looked way phonier. Not as bad as Sable and Terri but still not a good look. Trish_LOW