An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Most women get implants to feel better about themselves and have more confidence. I think a woman with fake tits, that feels good about herself and has confidence is way sexier, than someone that is natural, but lacks in confidence.


Chris Jericho is and has always been super corny. I can’t take anything he does in wrestling seriously and never have. He has never been a top guy to me. Him being in the main event always felt like it was a B show and not a bonafide main event.


This is just a curiosity thing to get your opinions. Are wrestlers who perform pins rolling off their opponents, almost before the kick out occurs? I understand making it easy to kick out, it is a show, but I feel like some younger wrestlers are actively rolling off their opponents while performing a pin just before the kick out actually occurs. Perhaps this actually is an opinion after all?


Talented wrestlers get a pass from smart fans when an accident happens. By that I mean if a Seth Rollins would accidentally injured somebody, fans would be more forgiving then somebody like a Carmella.


Pepperidge Farm remembers everyone saying Rollins hurting Cena, Finn and Sting were all accidents.


Despite his outwardly calm demeanor, Bruno Sammartino was a blowhard who either made up a lot of nonsense or was delusional and really believed what he was babbling. Back in the early '60s Sammartino was just a strongman act and at absolute best a mediocre wrestler. He lucked out that Nature Boy Buddy Rogers became ill and McMahon and Mondt had to quickly get someone to replace the first champ of the nascent WWWF.

That should spice up this thread. lol

P.S. From the day he made his debut back in 1959 I couldn’t stand the guy. Being a die-hard Buddy Rogers fan, I came to really hate him after the MSG emergency title switch on May 17, 1963.


WOW, you’re old. That would mean that you’re at less 75 if you remember being there for his debut at MSG. What are you doing here wasting time writing on this board with us young folks. LOL.

I’m just kidding. Anyway back on topic, Sammartino was what he was, Vince Sr saw that he could make money off the italian population with Sammartino and that’s what he did. That’s why he took him back after he blackballed him years earlier. Again i don’t know the guy personally but from what i’ve got since he came back to the company before his death, he seem like a very genuine guy that had a very interesting story to tell, so for me i don’t feel the same way you do about him, but at the same time i didn’t live through this era so i can’t properly judge your opinion on the guy.


Actually, I’m 68 and was 13 years old when they did the emergency title switch at the old MSG in 1963. I only wound up here, because someone on another board posted the HOF nominees which were apparently found on this board. I couldn’t understand why Ricki Starr was listed in the “European/Australian/…” category when he was an American wrestler who fought the overwhelming majority of his matches in North America and made his name here.

Anyway,I realize that this forum is geared more to modern times, so I doubt you will be seeing too many posts from me.


nice to know, it’s always fun to have somebody saw all this stuff in wrestling as i’m actually 40 and it be fun to discuss more old school wrestling on this board. So don’t be shy in posting stuff about old school wrestling if you want to.


The main key to succeeding on the main roster from NXT is debuting as a heel or turning heel rather quickly after the debut. If I’m running NXT everyone needs to learn how to be a heel. It is so much easier to get over as a heel. Debuting as a face in WWE for the most most part has always been death and you will not go far until you turn heel.

Just think if Bobby Roode debuted as a heel and Elias debuted as a face. I bet Roode would of been in the main event of SD and Elias would be where No Way Jose is. If I’m a wrestler in NXT I would beg them to debut me as a heel first. Debuting as a face can be a complete career killer and the difference between everything.

Just think where Adam Rose, Roode, Mojo, No Way Jose, Dillinger, Tyrus, Sami, Finn, Apollo, Nakamura’s careers would be if they debuted as heels then have the fans turn them. Hell you could just go through WWE’s entire history of debuting guys as faces and seeing them all fail. How come WWE hasn’t learned from this and just debuts every wrestler as a heel?


The answers is simple, because if you debut everybody has heel. who are they going to face, for every heel you need a good babyface to fight him. If you have a all heel rosters, it won’t work because if you don’T know who to cheer for, you won’t get over.

You mention NXT and let go with the Bobby Roode example because that’s the one that stand out the most. The starting him as a heel in NXT. He did a great job despite all the obstacle they put in from of him, the problem was that fans didn’t buy him as a heel so he gets call up and he debuts as a babyface on smackdown. Again not his fault but fans didn’t take to him either in that role.

I think the biggest problem in WWE isn’t really who’s face and who’s heel it’s more that they don’t get who their audience is for the different product. NXT is a more Hardcore fanbase. Most fans that goes to NXT events are adult male fans that follows wrestling outside WWE so you can’t really booked NXT talent the way you would book him on the main rosters which is comprise of all type of fans. So because of that, you will get guys that worked really well in NXT like Dillinger or Apollo and they will crash and burn on the main rosters because they thought that everybody watch NXT and would be familliar with thoses characters.

On the other end, you got the exception to the rule: Elias. A guy that wasn’T over at all in NXT and became a major star on the main. Sometimes just tweeking a character to adjust to the crowd works better then just staying with the status quo. NXT is and always will be a developmental territory even if WWE is selling it as the third brand. They’re guys that will be major star in NXT because of the fanbase they are attracting but that will translate to be a lower midcard guy on the main because you going from beeing a big fish in a small pond to a big fish into the ocean. Not everybody that comes out of NXT will be a major star for WWE and you can debuts them the way you want, it’s not going to change anything, if you have the it factor then you have a chance but if you don’T no matter if you are a heel or a face, you won’t go far in WWE and that’s pretty much what most NXT stars lacks right now it’S that it factor that will take them to the next level.


Plus, Cien Almas hasn’t exactly blown people away after he was called up as a heel. I think the bigger issues a lot of these NXT guys have is that, a lot of the time, there is zero connection from how they were in NXT. That or they’re called up for the sake of it leading to them killing time and doing nothing, No Way Jose being a key example of that.


But at the same time, what could you have done with No Way Jose? He was already just killing time in NXT since they really didn’t know what to do with him, so it was either call him up to wrestle on main event or release him. The problem is that they have too many guys on the roster right now and somebody, probably HHH, doesn’t want to do a spring cleaning of the company in fear that the indy’s takes advantage of it and sign some of those former WWE guys.


He was killing time in NXT as well but I would argue that you repackage him and work on it until it was clicking. They did it with Leo Kruger/Adam Rose and many others. Don’t call him up because it’s not working in NXT, plus that roster is so big that they have a ton of guys who are just doing the house shows at the moment. Do that with him and give someone else his spot for a while.


Drug lord. Am I right @johnpollock?


They can be a face in NXT but once they debut on the main roster they need to debut as a heel. Their career really depends on it. For the most part to get really over you have to be a heel first.


Make everyone heel…that’ll fix everything.

Every promo will be how your town sucks and sports teams never win. And everyone walks out of matches because they don’t need that shit.

It’ll be glorious.


again if you debut everybody from NXT as Heels, who do they face. Really not everybody in NXT will work as Heels.

Example, Do you Really see Johnny Gargano as a heel, he barely able to play the Babyface correctly in NXT. Some would work as heels like EC3 or The undisputed era or Ciampa these guys needs to stay heel when they get the call up because they are natural heel but if you have a gargano or ricochet or even let say dakota kai or kairi saine, it won’t work because fans won’t believe they are heels because mostly of their looks or moveset.

Let’s say Ricochet gets call up and debut as a heel, in order to make it work, he would have to tone down his style to the point that pretty much every high flying move in his arsenal wouldn’t exist because a true heel doesn’t do high flying maneuvers. In the end like i wrote before, it’s all about the It factor, if you don’t have it, you can debut on the main roster as a heel or a face and it won’t matter because fans won’t care about the character either way. It’s easy to get over in NXT, it’s another thing to stay over on the main roster.


As someone that watch Main event each week, i have to say, No way Jose found is purpose on the main roster. The guy is a great cartoon like character that seem to be over and does help warm up the crowd before raw which is a tremendous feat for a wrestler as most of those guys outside Curt Hawkins aren’t really over with the crowd.


Make someone heel so they can get cheered…

And if there’s no so called jobbers, who do the performers with pushes face?