An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


established baby faces on the main roster. I mean they only debut like 5-10 new wrestlers over the course of a new year. Its not like they debut like 20 new wrestlers all at the same time.

I agree that smaller guys who do flashy moves are the exception to this. But if Ricochet ever wants to really develop a character and get better on the mic it is best for him to be a heel doing that. Just think Neville. No way he was ever going to develop his character or mic skills as a babyface. Virtually every great character and promo guy got over as a heel first in WWE.


And I thought I was the OLD MAN here at 50, or I most likely was tell you arrived. I cant tell you the number of times I have been asked what are you doing here on message boards based on my age.


Sorry for taking your spot as oldest member. lol As I mentioned, I wound up here by accident and I’ll just stay. If I start reminiscing almost no one will know what I’m talking about so unless I’m asked about wrestling back in the '50s and '60s I’ll remain silent.

Being an old fart (or “older” fart), you might want to check out KAYFABE MEMORIES. There is a nice mix between fossils like me, dinosaurs like you, and younger fans who never had the opportunity to experience true kayfabe during the Golden Age of Wrestling, 1950-1965 or later before the obliteration of the territories. Seriously, there are some very astute fans, former wrestlers, and wrestling historians on that message board.

I uploaded a photo of a large format cardboard poster in my collection that advertised the first wrestling show that I ever attended at age 11 going on 12 years old. It was on May 25, 1962. I hope it comes out in my post. If not, I would be grateful for any tips on posting photos. The list membership may (or may not) be interested in seeing my extensive collection of wrestling memorabilia. The stuff is all vintage pre-1965 for the most part, so I don’t know if there would be any interest.


Who cares about your ages? We’re all the same when we can only use a screen name. There’s always room for new and old fans.


That is so cool. The only old item I have from the 70’s is an autographed picture of Kevin and David Von Erich when they where the Texas Tag Team Champions. The photo also has Fritz in it. Going to have to look and see where its at, had to pack up the house 2 years ago for some remodeling and dont remember where I put it. The time had to be late 70’s so I was somewhere in the 11-13 age group. I do remember I got it signed at the Will Rodgers Auditorium. My dad says he still has an autographed 8x10 of Rocky Johnson and my sister had/has (not likely) one of Peter Maivia. It would be neat to find those two items.


I don’t know if I’m allowed to start a thread. If I am I don’t know how to go about it. If you start one on “Wrestling Memorabilia” or some such title I can post some photos of my collection that I’ve put on Kayfabe Memories. This wouldn’t be the thread for those type of posts. Here’s one corner of my main “exhibit room” that I dubbed the “Parrot Cave.” (I don’t collect “repros.” All material is vintage, original including the 1932 cardboardposter of the Londos/Speer World Championship match in Buffalo, NY.)


That’s awesome. Those attitude era posters really ruin the collection. It just looks totally out of place with all those black and white photos. Attitude era on up isn’t vintage to me when collecting wrestling posters. Anything before that is cool and vintage.


That’s only half a wall where I mounted memorabilia my son and I got when he was little and we went to the Target Center, and Xcel Center in Minneapolis/St. Paul to see the WWF and WCW shows from 1999 to 2005. It has its specific spot, relates a specific historical story line, and fits right in with the rest of the room when seen in perspective.


Holy Shit! :astonished:


That is one cool room


People always talk about how Bret Hart could of been used in WCW. Regardless of his booking there is no way he could of competed against Austin and Rock at that time. I remember when they decided to make him the champ in 99 that he was just yesterdays news in wrestling and quite frankly lame compared to all the WWF stars at the time. The WWF was failing with him at the top for a reason. No way was he ever going to bring in casual fans to watch. Just being good at wrestling doesn’t sell.

So many guys from that early to mid 90’s era were so out of place once wrestling took on more of an edge. I remember guys like Bret, Owen and Bulldog not fitting into wrestling world by 98. Actual wrestling by 98 never meant less at that time. Being cool, edgy and being able to do humor was way more important during that era. Bret felt like if Bob Backlund hung around during Hulkamania. What he brought as your top babyface was so outdated and needed to end.


Bret Hart would’ve been the perfect guy for Vince McMahon to use against Steve Austin because he never beat Bret.

He could’ve been used sparingly and used to elevate and teach up and comers because his in ring days were winding down and he definitely would’ve been the guy to take over Patt Pattersons role in the company.

Bret Hart would’ve and could’ve been used just fine in the Attitude Era.


I was talking just in WCW. No one was going to watch him on WCW over Stone Cole and Rock on WWF. It would be like the NWA taking in Bob Backlund and expecting him to compete against WWF with Hulk Hogan.

I’m not going to debate with you because I have zero respect for you and think you are incredibly stupid. Please don’t respond to my posts because I’m not going to engage you with a debate and ultimately just remind you how dumb I think you are.

If anybody else wants to chime in I would be happy to engage.


Some alt right clown who pushes his white man’s burden narrative calling anyone else dumb…that’s rich.


Yeah but at the same time look at how he was booked in WCW and just how the WCW product as a whole change so much throughout that period. Bischoff and company didn’t know what to do with Bret and he will be the first to admit it. They switch him from face to heel so many time that they’re was no way Bret would get over.

I feel that if the screen on never happened and Bret would have stuck around instead of going to wwe, he would have fit perfectly with Austin and rock because the Hart foundation was one of the hottest stable in the beginning of the attitude era and he would have taken that to the next level.


I think the biggest problem with WCW is that they were either ignorant to (or reluctant to admit) the fact that the best way to book Bret Hart was to essentially continue his WWF storyline. Maybe not the “USA hater” angle, but certainly the “screwed over hero” part of it. “Bret Hart wanted to be where the big boys play, and Vince McMahon couldn’t handle being second best.” And off ya go.

In the end, it’s hard to say what would have worked, because WCW was doomed to fail at this point. Creative control had gone off the rails with guys like Hogan and Nash (and others, by they were the most influential/expensive of the bunch) figuring out how to use every letter of their contract to do as little work for as much money as possible, and Austin, Rock, et al. were about to blow up in WWF. Game over.


I just think regardless of his booking I think what Bret Hart brought was antiquated in wrestling by then.They could of booked him to perfection and viewers were still going to watch Stone Cold and Rock over him. He was never going to be some savior for WCW or the guy who could put the death nail in WWF like he was paid to be. He was Bob Backlund in a Rock N Wrestling world.

Also if he stayed in WWF there were so many new viewers to wrestling by 98 that what he did previously wouldn’t have mattered to them. They would of just seen a boring guy who didn’t fit in this new exciting attitude era. Just watch his promo battles with DX. He just looked so out of place once the WWF got edgy. Just look at Owen and Davey in 98-99. They just didn’t fit and neither were over at all with this new audience who had never seen anything before 98.


Was “just talking about WCW”…immediately brings up what would happen in the WWF :roll_eyes:


Undertaker should never wrestle again. It’s no secret that he’s older now, but the man could hardly go at Super Show-Down. Honestly thought it would just be like 10-or-less bell to bell but was almost 30. Sad to say it but I guess that oil money’s to rich to say no.


I feel the same way, I think out of the 3 matches he had this year, his mania match against cena was is best one. He came in, beat cena in 2 minutes and left. You didn’t have to see how limited the guy is these day.

But I feel like the tag match will help him go longer without being to expose. Kane can still go and so is HHH so you can have Kane take more of the match without having taker being in the ring.