An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


D-Generation X was never good. The only funny or memorable thing they ever did is only half-bearable in retrospect because of an Owen Hart impression by a guy who isn’t even in the faction. They are only popular as a nostalgia act because they were all over RAW at a time when Steve Austin was pulling in viewers. In 2018, they’re basically Val Venis with more political power, and that’s why they get treated like the Four Horsemen today.

Also, Shawn Michaels was only in the original DX from the fall of 1997 to March of 1998. I’m guessing the fact that he’s an actual beloved legend and is returning to wrestle a match (not just cutting a catchphrase-laden, cheap pop promo) is covering for what would otherwise be a lot of apathy surrounding the current “reunion” of DX. For further supporting evidence of this, I’ll refer you to the fact that nobody gives a shit about Evolution appearing on Smackdown this coming week.


I care, and I think there’s a thread here that have others saying the same thing.

“nobody”…pronouns pal


Right To Censor ended up being right about everything. :shushing_face:


My favorite thing in wrestling right now is Lashley doing his butt poses. Its so awkward and just straight up weird. No one knows what to make of it. Despite it killing eventually Lashley’s career I hope they continue doing it. It might get really over but in lower midcard comedy way.


I like baron Corbin.

I’m very sorry guys.


The Rainmaker character only works if Okada has the belt and is perceived as being the dominant force in New Japan. I’m pretty sure it was designed that way. That’s the character: unbelievably dominant champion is shiny shorts. It’s why as soon as Okada lost the belt, Gedo stripped him of all the Rainmaker signifiers. He dyed his hair from bleach blonde to red, took away his jewelry, and closeted his jacket. He then immediately started Okada on a Dougie Jones-esque redemption angle, presenting him as a special-needs adult child with no fashion sense and a love of balloons: the polar opposite of his true self.

Only when Okada gets the title back will his Rainmaker persona be returned to him. A story as old as time.


Isn’t all pro-wrestling almost by definition predictable?

It’s like a Hollywood movie. Everyone expects the protagonist to prevail and everyone recognizes the story beats from a mile away.

But it’s the journey, not the destination. And right now NXT’s journey is far more scenic.


I don’t enjoy Matt Riddle. Maybe it is because I find pot heads annoying. I first heard him in an interview with John Pollock I think it was. I heard how high he sounded and that immediately gave me a bad impression.

He sounds like one of those guys that talk about weed all day and glorify it.


Don’t worry he will debut on the roster as a babyface and flounder pretty quickly. The King of the Bro Mans gimmick is incredibly douchey and people will turn on it quickly. Unless he learns to be a heel in NXT then debuts as a heel on the roster he will be Mojo Rawley 2.0. I’m positive he debuts as face on the main roster and we all know what that usually means.


I watch a backstage segment of his on the wwe YouTube channel and I felt he sounded like another RVD clone. I haven’t seen him in the ring but as a character, I already feel like he will fail in wwe and might be stuck in a tag team with mojo in no time.


I do want to see more of what he can do in the ring. I have watched Matt Riddle a couple of times and he did not really impress me. At least he looks to be in great shape. So i will personally give him a chance.


I just watched it too. He has smoked himself retarded. He is basically the wrestling version of Bill and Ted.


NXT fans are too busy congratulating themselves for knowing wrestling exists outside of the main roster to actually apply any scrutiny to NXT. NXT fans have an attitude of “tell us what to do, we’ll do it” whereas on the main roster it’s a case of “it’s your job to make us interested”. It’s one of the reasons why some that were a big deal in NXT don’t receive as much praise on the main roster. There’s less hand holding. Anything gets over in NXT and that’s why getting over in NXT doesn’t mean anything.

There are obviously talented wrestlers on NXT but hardcore NXT fans are too up their own backside to be rational.



People seem to think Rock over selling the stunner was awesome. I think it looked fucking stupid. I wish death upon anybody who enjoyed him doing that.


I think the Young Bucks are over rated and there success has gone to their heads.


There is no denying they are amazing at marketing themselves and creating buzz. Which is way more important on the indies than anything else IMO.


i could say the same thing about kenny omega. Both the bucks and omega are great in marketing themselves and they are smart with the way they hooked themselves up with cody but still feel like if they went directly to the WWE without passing through NXT first, they would fail in being big stars.


If anything being in (modern) NXT is a detriment to becoming a star.

The newest stars like AJ never made it though NXT, Braun was never on NXT TV. You are hard pressed to find a star that came out of NXT. A good to great NXT run is also a detriment. Look at Bailey and Sasha vs Alexa Bliss and The Drifter.


I agree with you, i always felt that because NXT doesn’t serve the same type of crowd, the more a indy guy stay on the NXT brand and TV the more likely it will be rejected by the WWE fan base. Like you mention, you look at the top of the card on both show, guys that are on top are guys that didn’T go through the NXT system for the most part. Braun got called up almost immediately after he got sign to NXT, i think he was part of the rosebud for one episode of NXT but outside of that never wrestled on NXT. Aj styles went directly to the main roster and got over. Roman reigns barely appeared on NXT and got over. Elias and Alexa Bliss where pretty most forgotten on NXT and look at them now. and the list of example goes on and on of wrestlers that got over because they didn’T get the NXT stigma attach to them.

WWE is pretty good in building stars from scratch, the problem is that it’s much easier to just depend on NXT to make those guys stars and hope that the Main roster audience gravitate to them when they get called up, which 9 times out of 10, they just don’t because like i always say, it’s easy to get over in NXT but it’s a different game on the main roster especially when you’re too lazy to come up with something different for those guys and your just using the same booking they did in NXT.


Everyone who had NXT buzz is second guessed into the ground when they make their main roster debut.

They lose one match and all of a sudden people are abandoning the wagon and deeming performers as failures and they move onto the next one.

Self fulfilling prophecy.