An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


D-Generation X was never good. The only funny or memorable thing they ever did is only half-bearable in retrospect because of an Owen Hart impression by a guy who isn’t even in the faction. They are only popular as a nostalgia act because they were all over RAW at a time when Steve Austin was pulling in viewers. In 2018, they’re basically Val Venis with more political power, and that’s why they get treated like the Four Horsemen today.

Also, Shawn Michaels was only in the original DX from the fall of 1997 to March of 1998. I’m guessing the fact that he’s an actual beloved legend and is returning to wrestle a match (not just cutting a catchphrase-laden, cheap pop promo) is covering for what would otherwise be a lot of apathy surrounding the current “reunion” of DX. For further supporting evidence of this, I’ll refer you to the fact that nobody gives a shit about Evolution appearing on Smackdown this coming week.


I care, and I think there’s a thread here that have others saying the same thing.

“nobody”…pronouns pal