An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


One of the problems is that NXT main eventers get called up to be main roster mid-carders (sometimes rightfully, sometimes not) and the NXT fans can’t handle it. Just an operational hazard of having a territory that is sort of developmental but sort of not. By some of the fan logic I’ve read, every NXT call up should be the undefeated WWE Champion, because getting called up and losing a competitive match at some point is a “burial”.


I’ll give this a try.

Dana Brooke is not as bad as many regular viewers of WWE programming think she is. She’s a better in ring performer than Alicia Fox, Tamina, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, and Nia Jax on Raw. If she were allowed to cut a promo on her own, she’d be better than Alicia Fox, Tamina, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Nia Jax, Natalya, and maybe Bayley, too. She could be a believable face or nasty heel. Dana Brooke is a valuable asset that the WWE doesn’t even realize they have.


From the wrestling i’ve seen Dana Brooke is not in the top 10. How valuable can she be?


Dana’s strength as never been as a 5 star style wrestling performer. She good but will never been seen as a great wrestlers because we as fans are judging her on a level that she will never get to. But she great at playing a bitch, I remember when she was paired with Emma in NXT, she was incredible in that role of the bully.


Dana Brooke has never been involved in any good match. She is terrible.

Only redeeming quality is her looking like a 4* PAWG.


I thought Dana Brooke was developing really quickly in NXT. The problem is they called her up too soon and progress just stopped so she’s been stuck with the abilities of a rookie ever since. Her skill has always been on the mic though.


WWE honouring war criminal, George H. W. Bush, was a lot worse than them simply doing a show in Saudi Arabia.


You talking about Dessert Storm?


Don’t agree with you at all on this. Not to get political on you but I lived throughout that era and he really didn’t have a choice then to act and send troups to war at that time. Desert storm was a necessary war.

As far as is son is concern, that another story.


if Bush had let us finish the job in 91 we might not have had 911 or the need or excuse for Bush Jr to send troops .



I’ll save this. If it weren’t for Bush we would of gotten Hogan/Warrior 2 in the LA Coliseum instead of that shitty Hogan/Slaughter angle and match that no one wanted in the Forum.


So finishing the job in Iraq would stop a Saudi Arabian from planning an attack from Afghanistan?


Went to war under false pretenses, like his son, to go into a war against a man they had previously propped up. The bigger issue is the endless bombing of Iraqi infrastructure during the war and reckless killing of innocent civilians. You could say that’s normal behaviour for militaries and because it’s normal and everyone’s used to it we shouldn’t complain too much about it and isn’t as big of a deal as a journalist working in the west being killed but to me that all seems to lack any sort of perspective.

George HW Bush was another terrible, shitty American president who caused a lot of death.


That’s a very interesting and incorrect take on the matter…

I thought even George W Bush himself stopped with the 9/11 links to Iraq and decided to concentrate on a different lie…


If you remember your history correctly, Iraq was already killing a lot of people in the middle east before the u.s went to war with them, you might see it as going under false pretenses but to those that went to this war, it wasn’t. Again don’t want to be political but don’t try to revise history for your own pacifist point of view.


The US were very much supporting Iraq before going to war against them. Saddam was their guy until they decided he wasn’t their guy like with most dictators they end up saying they never liked. And I wasn’t making the point that the Iraqi government were somehow good guys. They weren’t. The point I was making was that America’s conduct in war was reprehensible against civilians and the man WWE honoured was the leader of the country at the time.


And i get that but the point i’m making is that for this War, they really didn’t have a choice in the matter. The guy was killing innocent peoples and the world was going to war against him not just the u.s. So if Bush decided to not send the troops the Iraq, it would have been even worst for the image of the country. I don’t have a problem with WWE honoring him in his home state because that was the right thing to do there. If it would have been anywhere else then Texas, WWE wouldn’t have done anything for him as they never really acknowledge the passing of a president on tv before. It’s was really was just them being in a place where they really had no choice then to honored the guy and personally as a president, he was the worst of the bunch that i saw in my lifetime, his son was ten times worst then him and Trump is ten times worst then bush jr.


Iraq was Ollie Norths war and Iraq invaded Kuwait an ally to the US.

But let’s pretend there were no circumstances involved that warranted deploying an army.


Becky’s “The Man” is really fucking stupid. I was on the bandwagon because she stopped saying stupid stuff but then she came up with this. I’m off now.

If anybody likes “The Man” moniker please explain to me why.