An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Some are decent at shutting it down. I think Alexa Bliss is actually one of the best at it. Daniel Bryan has been talking shit on them for it. It’s slipping my mind, but someone just used the What! chant on the crowd recently and I thought that was brilliant.


Here’s a couple of unpopular opinions based on classic wrestling:

  • Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes were an enjoyable commentary team.

  • 1991 was one of the most entertaining years in the history of the WWE.

  • Lex Luger’s “Narcissist” character was enjoyable.

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Think that was Charlotte last week.

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Lucha Underground was by far the greatest weekly wrestling show ever.

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Mandy Rose is now better in the ring than Alexa Bliss has ever been.


So, I’ve been holding onto this one for a whole but, in my opinion Ronda Rousey is trash.

  • Struggles to cut a clear/coherent promo on live TV (English is her first language).
  • Horrible in-ring for someone positioned in a WrestleMania main event match.
  • Televised matches on the fly just seem clunky (No PC practice beforehand).
  • No-sells a major kendo stick attack at SummerSlam (Didn’t even sell it for 1-day).
  • During promo segments her acting is questionable at best (for someone who has Hollywood credits).
  • Her views on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, calling it a conspiracy theory (Bleacher Report: 18/01/2013)
  • Her views on the wider LGBT community, once saying about a trans-fighter quote "She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, …"unquote (Ney York Post: 10/04/2013)
  • Her weird obsession with Becky calling herself “the Man” and trying to tie it to Becky having “Penis Envy” (Pro Wrestling: 19/11/2018)
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In this case I’m part of the 75%. I think shes doing great (on TV). And I share her views on Sandy hook & trans-fighters


Here are a few

  1. NJPW matches always consist of guys looking at each other and trading forearm shots and slaps. Just trading back and forth. One after the other. Although they look like they hurt its stupid to think anyone would do this in a real fight and the fact that it happens EVERY match makes the presentation look fake

  2. Waylon Mercy was not a peaceful man

  3. The Rainmaker is a crappy finisher. Same with Ibushi’s knee. These guys kick out of neck drops on the apron but not a glorified closeline or knee with minimal windup and momentum ? Jake Roberts used it basically as a setup move.

  4. The Undertaker vs Kamala in the casket match was awesome bc he nailed it shut versus just closing it which takes 30 secs vs like 2 secs making it more impactful

  5. Undertaker vs Ginat Gonzalez RIP match had the most disappointing stipulation when they finally announced what it meant

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Jesus Christ…


I think Dolph Ziggler is a good wrestler who could have been much more than he ended up being. Dunno if he’s a full time Main Event type, but he certainly could have been in the mix and held the title a few times.

I hate a lot of the excess of current day NXT. For example, I hated Dream vs Ciampa. Felt the entire match was unearned in terms of all those near falls and finisher kick outs.


i don’t get what the big deal is with Johnny Gargano, the guy is a great wrestlers but isn’t able to emote any emotions what’s so have outside of looking either happy or constipated.


He does a goofy face when he’s acting all concussed.

That’s emoting :laughing:


Wargames is an overconvoluted mess - if overconvoluted is going to be your game, at least bring back king of the mountain and do it properly!

Also, heel Michael Cole was the BEST! It was during a time when the only show I would watch was Wrestlemania for a few years. Will never forget tuning in one year and with no context seeing Michael Cole in a box at ringside going mad - Doin it for the Cole Miners baby! Can’t wait for that review a wai :smile:


There’s a discussion to be had about trans women in women’s sports regarding physical advantages and how to regulate it so that it makes sense for everyone. The Sandy Hook conspiracy stuff is total insanity though.


With one of the parents of a child murdered at Sandy Hook committing suicide recently, I’m curious about your thoughts on this? Was this parent in on it? What does the conspiracy theory community have to say about this?

When I read this story, I immediately thought of your comment on here and while I dont agree with this theory like most on here, I do enjoy thought provoking discussion.


Connecticut resident here… would you guys mind doing this in a separate thread so I can ignore it? Please and thank you.


The social media ‘promos’ from Becky Lynch and Rousey are very bad, bordering on pathetic. I roll my eyes every time i see another one of their rants on my Twitter timeline. Like the selfie promos WWE insist on forcing every wrestler to do, i can’t take it seriously. It’s dorky. It’s made me greatly appreciate Charlotte and her traditional promo and storytelling skills more than i had and i hope building feuds through social media this way isn’t going to become the norm (if it isn’t already).

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Mauro shoehorns too many references into his commentary to the point they take me out of the moment at times… I wish he’d ease up.


Becky lynch is becoming stail. When they first started, it was new, exciting and fresh, it felt like she was using part of herself to portrait the character now it feel more like she’s going back into the comedy route will trying to keep this edge.

At this point i would rather see ronda retain the title as her character is way more interesting.


She peaked the night she broke her nose…been steadily declining with every time she was given a mic. Her twitter fingers are better than her verbiage.